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london eye’s tweet-controlled light show to reflect the local olympic mood

by:Demo     2020-08-27
The U. K.
The most popular tourist attraction, known for its champagne rides and wonderful views, is on the way to society.
According to Gizmag, Olympic organizers have partnered with a group of MIT graduates to turn the London Eye into a fully social-media-driven light show. The near 400-
Walking Ferris wheel will show half
Every night during the Olympics, there is an hour of light show, which reflects London\'s current feelings about the Olympics by interpreting local tweets.
The color displayed will represent the general feeling or \"energy\" shared by the Twitter public: positive feedback about the Olympics will be shown in yellow, neutral response will show green, and negative energy will make the London Eye Purple.
All of this is calculated by an algorithm that \"analyzes the tweets about games from the United States in language\"K.
Divide them into positive and negative conversations.
\"The algorithm we developed will
Turn social emotions into color and movement
Justin Manor, founder of Sosolimited, explained that his company developed the technology.
\"We refined the 24-hour performance into a 24-minute visual concert, reflecting the emotional peaks and lows of the day.
Former British athlete Daley Thompson shares more information in the video below:minute Twitter-
Then a light show called \"energy of the country\" will be held, which is a six
Will celebrate the top sporting moments of the day and the minute LED Light module show of the medals won by the British team.
Canadians may remember the Olympic rings in Coal Harbour, where each Canadian medal lit a gold, silver or bronze medal at 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
\"At the moment, about 62 or 63 people in the UK are very positive about this, and I suspect that as we get closer to the Olympics, we are starting to win some games, Thompson said in the video: \"This percentage will rise. \".
\"Over time, the LED Light module show changes every night, hoping it will be golden at the end of the game. \"(Gizmag photo)
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