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light therapy for depression

by:Demo     2020-08-16
Anti-depression drugs like Prozac and Baoluo are widely used to treat depression, but a lower-cost alternative is called glare therapy, in which case, the patient is fixed for a period of time in artificial light every day, which is not.
For seasonal mood disorders, light therapy is often recommended, which is \"Winter Blue\" brought by shorter days and limited sunlight \".
Some psychiatrists prescribe the situation, usually the last resort when the patient does not respond to the drug.
One reason why light therapy is used in more patients with depression is that there are not many good clinical trials in patients with depression without seasonal emotional disorder.
Not much money from treatment-
All it involves is
Time to purchase special fixtures.
The good thing is that it has few side effects (if any)
However, the doctor pointed out that this should always be done in consultation with the doctor).
Now a new, well-designed randomized controlled trial
It is considered to be the gold standard in medicine.
It is recommended to take a closer look at the bright light therapy.
The study was small in size and was attended by only 89 patients aged 60 and over, but the results were significant.
Dr. said that compared with placebo, light therapy improves mood as much as traditional anti-depression drugs
Ritsaert Lieverse is the lead author of the paper and a psychiatrist at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam.
The size of the effect we found in this study is comparable to the size of the effect of the anti-depression, so I think the effect is equivalent
Lieverse said in an emailmail.
The report was published this week in the Archives of General Psychiatry.
At the beginning of the study, participants were assessed using the Hamilton Depression Scale, a questionnaire used by doctors to assess the severity of depression.
They were then randomly assigned for three weeks to either receive strong light treatment or to receive virtual red light as a placebo for comparison.
Since depression is often accompanied by poor sleep and other symptoms that suggest disruption of circadian rhythm, scientists have also studied markers of circadian function.
The theory is that bright light therapy may activate the so-of the brain-
A structure called a circadian pacemaker is called the superior nucleus of the optic cross.
As part of the study, the researchers evaluated the quality of sleep and measured the hormone that is critical to sleep-melatonin
Methods for measuring stress include The wake cycle, as well as the levels of urinary cortex and saliva cortex. Dr.
Bright LED Light module therapy may also be effective for depression, Lieverse said
It regulates the related nervous transmission system of serum and dopamine.
After three weeks of treatment, 43% of patients received strong light treatment improved their scores on the depression scale, compared with 36% in patients treated with placebo.
Then stop the treatment and evaluate the patient again after three weeks.
Interestingly, the number of people receiving light therapy continued to improve, with 54% now scoring higher on the depression scale, while those in the placebo group dropped to 33%.
People who get active treatment also sleep better;
Their urine and saliva cortical hormone levels decreased compared to the placebo group, and their melatonin levels increased dramatically at night compared to the placebo group.
There is already bright light treatment for certain conditions, such as certain sleep disorders, jet lag, Alzheimer\'s disease, and postpartum depression.
But because of its benefits, especially the apparent lack of adverse side effects, the Great Depression should be considered, Lieverse said.
therapy has now developed into an effective treatment for depression, not only for seasonal emotional disorders, he said.
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How to get a lamp (
Assume a doctor).
Are these stipulated? Absolutely!
By Dr.
Michael Mann of the Institute of Psychiatry at Columbia University this therapy is particularly effective for people with seasonal emotional disorder (“SAD”).
Also, for those who do not get the help of the available anti-depression drugs.
Some light regulates emotions.
To demonstrate how important certain LED Light module effects on mood, please note that the incidence of depression is high in northern countries where 24 hours of darkness may exist. E. g.
Russia and Scandinavia.
State and alcohol . . . . . . For selfmedication. [
Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman and his pessimistic outlook on life. ]
If you subtract the percentage of reactions to placebo, it seems that only 7% of the samples actually benefit from the treatment.
Maybe these are just undiagnosed cases of sadness?
Thanks to the author. . . Very useful, interesting and timely (
Best Experimental time of year).
If there is some indication of the Lux strength of the light box used in the trial, it will be more helpful as some of the LED Light module boxes being sold are low-end, though less expensive and effective.
I think the best time to use in the day is to be exposed early in the morning/afternoon in an environment that imitates natural sunlight, but this article does not show the length of time recommended for exposure, there is also no link to the trial shown.
I hope this treatment is effective for my own 15 years of resistance to depression.
The sun is better and cheaper.
As a lighting designer who has worked with clients over the years, and their need for effective lighting and correct color temperature, I am not surprised.
There is still much to learn about the spiritual role of light.
My main depression was due to undiagnosed diarrhea and was resolved through a gluten-free diet.
I also had a slight sadness and used a light box that worked well.
In these short days, I opened my light box after getting up, although I did not sit in front of it within the specified time.
Recently, I saw a sleep medicine expert who suggested wearing safety glasses for about an hour before going to bed (
Yes, very attractive)
My mild insomnia
The premise is blue (
Maybe Green)
Part of the spectrum interferes with the circadian rhythm produced by melatonin, which is filtered out by orange glasses.
There is also some evidence that these glasses help ease mood swings in patients with manic depression, which may be due to improved sleep.
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