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led streetlights installed along two main roads in rawang

by:Demo     2020-08-17
A total of 50 LED lights were installed on two main roads in Lavan to illuminate the area.
Rawang MP Gan Pei Nei said that Jalan Desa Utama of Bandar country house has 29 LED LED Light module units installed and 21 other LED LED Light module units are in Jalan per of Taman Jati
Under the leadership of the state government
\"The cost per LED LED Light module is RM2, 000, and the state has allocated 50 units for each state constituency.
\"The Selangor state government has allocated yuan for the installation of LED lights for each state constituency.
\"For Rawang, the installation work starts today and will be completed in March 27,\" said Gan, who launched the initiative with the xuelanyang Municipal Council (MPS)
On March 11, 18 District councillor du lalatnam serladulele of the village house in lavandandbandar.
She added that the contractor gave a 7-
One year warranty for LED lights.
\"LED lights are beneficial because they reduce power usage and have a longer life span, higher than the existing ones
Pressure sodium vapor (HPSV)lights.
\"Ensuring energy --
Throughout the jurisdiction, the conservation plan continues and members of Congress have ruled that all development projects must be LED for street lights from 2016.
\"These LED lights will be placed on the MES poles, highcrime-
Rate area, high-
\"Population areas and main roads,\" Gan said . \".
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