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led street lights: afd bank to give ₹1,000 crore

by:Demo     2020-08-20
AFD Bank (
French Development Agency)
It has been agreed to provide financial assistance of Rs 1 000 for the implementation of the LED street LED Light module programme in rural areas of the state.
As a step in this direction, the government has also finalized an action plan for the installation/renovation of 40 lakh energy-efficient street lamps in the village of panchayats.
This will help reduce the financial burden on electricity bills.
The government estimates that panchayats will receive a net fiscal benefit of RS 444 and an acre of energy savings over the next 10 years in the state.
The government chose Anantapur, Kadapa, Chittoor, East Godavari and Vizianagaram Districts to install 10 lakh LED street lamps in the first phase.
Panchayats in the village must open a hosting account with 150 150 deposit per LED LED Light module.
In addition, they must also replace the existing lights with LED lights by resolution.
The tender will be opened on September 6 and will be completed by the third week of September. District-
A horizontal inventory point for storing LED lights will be arranged by September 25.
The installation of LED lights will begin on October 2.
About 300 teams will be forced into service to install 10,000 LED lights a day.
The project will be completed by March 31, 2018.
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