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led lights in train coaches soon | patna news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-08-14
Patna: 2016 railway budget-
The 2017 East China railway focuses on modernization (ECR)
A comprehensive plan has been developed to replace the old coach with a low-cost stainless steel coach and with an energy-efficient LEDs (LED)lights.
In order to maintain safety and energy efficiency, more than 2,500 air-conditioning and sleeper buses need to be replaced immediately, ECR sources said.
The railway company decided to install the ecosystem.
The new coach is equipped with friendly LED lights to save energy.
Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
Currently being used in coaches, will be eliminated soon.
A railway commission official said that the newly designed bus and Linke Hofmann bussch (LHB)
A rajdhaniexpress train.
\"The remarkable feature of these coaches is that they have more riding comfort and low maintenance costs.
The newly designed coach will herald the era of stainless steel coaches for Indian Railways.
So far, the Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express trains use only stainless steel carriages, \"he said.
\"We also started to produce fire coaches.
The railway bus factory in Kapurthala, Punjab province has been producing fire-proof buses.
These coaches will gradually replace all the old coaches.
The railway has begun to manufacture fire-resistant communication and sleeper buses based on the technology and design of LHB buses, \"he said.
Former railway minister Lalu Prasad decided to build fire-proof buses during his tenure, sources said.
\"Although the railway has long approved the plan under its railway safety and modernization plan, it has now been implemented,\" a source said . \".
These fire coaches are made of super fine stainless steel material.
The railway company has made a policy decision to replace the existing Swedish International Automobile Federation Swiss bus with LHB German bus to strengthen safety measures for running trains.
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