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led lights for free, but no power savings for railways | chandigarh news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-09-05
Chandigarh: the Northern Railway will save up to 22 rupees.
35 lakh installs LED lights at stations in Chandigarh, Ambala, Mohali and Kharar for electricity charges, but the money will not stay there.
Reason: The railway company will share all of these savings with contractors engaged in the installation of lights and will continue to pay contractors for five years.
Senior electrical engineer, Ambala (general)
Su Neil Kumar says it\'s because of a pot. India agreement.
\"Saving electricity is more important than saving electricity.
\"The railway company didn\'t spend a penny installing the led, so we decided to give up the money,\" he said . \".
The contractor recently completed the installation of led at four stations.
\"They all have 100% LED lighting,\" Kumar said . \".
Kumar said the existing load at Chandigarh Station is about 58 vehicles.
8 KW, but this has fallen to 21.
1 KW, helped the railway to save 9 rupees. 75 Lakh.
At Kharar, the power load at the train station has dropped from 5 points. 4kW to 1.
Annual savings of up to 9 KW rupees.
He added that 90 years old.
The power load at Mohali station has gone from 11. 1kW to 5.
3 KW, help the railway to save 1 rupee.
Five times a year, he said.
The load at Ambala Station dropped from 62 to the most intense. 8kW to 23. 4kW.
\"Ambala saves about Rs 10 a year.
\"Lach,\" he said.
Rail is expected to save more from LED lights.
\"The work at other stations is still in progress and will be completed by March,\" Kumar added . \".
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