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led lights can damage your eyes

by:Demo     2020-07-30
Light-LEDs (LED)
A new study says lights can cause permanent damage to your eyes.
The study found that exposure to the LED Light Engine can cause irreparable damage to the retina of the human eye.
ThinkSpain, once retina cells are continuously exposed to for a long time, they cannot be replaced and will not regenerate. com reported.
The researchers said it was caused by high levels of radiation in the \"blue belt\", which could become a global epidemic in the medium term, considering computers, mobile phones and TV screens, even traffic and street lights are gradually replaced by LED.
Experts are calling for these lights to be built --
Remove blue glare in the filter. Dr.
Celia Sanchez Ramos, a researcher at the complex University in Madrid, said that once the retina is damaged, it will not regenerate. Dr.
Ramos said the is made up of rainbow warp waves and is caused by the blue part.
\"The LED is great if there is enough protection,\" she said . \".
Humans keep their eyes open for about 6,000 hours a year, most of the time exposed to artificial light --
For this, doctor.
Ramos said the best way to prevent damage is to \"close your eyes often to mitigate the impact \".
She also said that the use of good sunglasses with UV filters, as well as a healthy and diverse diet rich in vitamin A, which comes from spinach and peppers --
Will protect the eyes.
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