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led lights are a \'transformative technology\' in the developing world

by:Demo     2020-08-11
When the discovery of three scientists on Tuesday made it possible for home LED lighting, who won the Nobel Prize in physics, most Americans might think of LED screens on TV. Or will they eventually consider switching to energy?
LED lighting at home is efficient. (
LED or light-
LEDs, which emit light using treated or coated semiconductors.
LED lighting-Blue
Nobel\'s invention
Is the missing component that leads to LED lights. )
The lighting revolution of LED bulbs has set off a less familiar revolution in the developing world.
For more and more people living in a billion population without reliable sources of electricity, LED lights, together with solar panels, are a godsend.
Nearly 5% of Africans do not have electricity, about 28.
There are now 5 million people using solar energy.
Power LED lights.
According to data released this month by IFC\'s project \"Lighting Africa\", this is up from 1% five years ago. , the private-
Sector Investment of the World Bank.
Markets are also growing in South Asia.
In the last six months,1 million LED-
IFC says solar products have been sold to people who cannot access the grid.
In the past few years, sales have grown by 150% a year --
Functions to meet lighting needs and improve the quality of LED lights.
After the Nobel Prize recognition of led, goat and soda spoke with Russell Sturm, head of energy access at IFC.
What is LED lighting provided in off-the-
Grid context that incandescent or fluorescent lighting cannot?
This is a revolutionary technology.
Over the years, maybe 20 years, there are all kinds of companies --
With the support of various development organizations
I tried to provide energy services to about 1 person.
3 billion of those who do not have access to modern energy.
Their energy services depend on kerosene, wood and candles.
So these companies have triedmarket]
Solar home system.
The costs of these systems are around $500 to $1,000, and they never get any traction for cost reasons.
How does the LED LED Light module change the equation?
Led is still quite expensive 8 or 10 years ago.
However, the efficiency of LED is increased by 100% per year, and the cost is reduced by 50% per year.
You can get useful LED Light module in less than a watt.
In fact, for 10 days in a watt, you can have enough LED Light module to go to the bathroom at night without waking up your spouse. That meant [companies]
May reduce the size of the battery
They can reduce the size of photovoltaic cells.
Convert solar energy into energy
Reduce the size of electronic products
You can start to imagine a product that can be sold like a consumer product.
Today, prices for these products range from $10.
Level lanterns and very high lanternsquality, high-
The performance of products with mobile phone chargers and three-stage lights is $35 and $40, charging 35 hours at a time.
Extraordinary performance.
The efficiency of LED lamps relative to incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs makes it possible to reduce the cost surprisingly.
Is the LED light cheaper than the kerosene lamp? Oh, yes.
People spend about $38 billion a year on kerosene.
The poorest people spend the most in the worst case.
You and I complain when our flip costs-a-
Switch power up to 15 cents per kilowatt hour.
People who use open-
According to the order of $80 per kWh, flame kerosene lighting company is paying.
This is also the poorest person in the world.
Kerosene lighting also caused thousands of people to die from child poisoning and rampant fires when lanterns turned over.
And indoor air pollution: any number of people I work here [at the IFC]
Remember that in their childhood, when they tried to learn, they were read by an open kerosene flame and tears flowed down.
You have said that once the company realizes that there is a market for LED lighting in Africa and elsewhere, they are excited but also vigilant.
They told me, \"We need something.
We need to know the market.
How do people buy things?
What can they afford?
How do they use light?
How do we break our products into Kenya?
How do we allocate?
The International Finance Corporation provides practical logistics information.
Is it still standing behind the quality of the lamp?
If you go to the bright world
Organization, you will see 52 quality
Because the other thing the company says is: \"This is a new market.
The risk is great.
People start selling rubbish and you ruin the market.
So we created this quality.
Guarantee process.
The products are guaranteed by the company.
What we are doing is testing and validation.
This is obviously not a charity.
Every sale I say is commercial.
These are all-
We don\'t subsidize profit companies.
Would you say that led has a greater impact on the developing world than the developed world?
There is no doubt that in terms of changing people\'s lives.
Due to the presence of kerosene, the environmental impact of the developing world will also be huge.
Every 100,000 solar lanterns are sold, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 10,000 tons per year.
Do you think the Nobel Prize will have any impact on your work?
Whether it\'s the company\'s needs or interests?
Very interesting.
Eight years ago, some of us had such a vision for the transformative nature of led.
Others began to see it. We are so beautiful. Centered on the euro
We usually think about inventions from the perspective of how they affect our own lives.
But if you are [it\'s] another game. are]
Spend 30% of your income to pay for kerosene so that family can squeeze around it, and children may spend an hour learning before it runs out.
This is a completely different game for these people.
It is transformative.
This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.
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