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led lighting revolution offers glimmers of opportunity for investors

by:Demo     2020-08-11
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
The blue glow that has changed the lighting industry continues to attract investors who want to capitalize on the rise of new technologies.
On Tuesday, the Nobel Prize was awarded to three scientists because they invented a blue LEDs (LED), a milestone in the white LEDs now --
bulbs, computer and mobile display screens, billboards and hundreds of other apps.
The use of the invention is growing and it has fundamentally changed the landscape of the lighting industry, eventually creating valuable investment opportunities in less obvious areas.
Red and green version of Led, low
Energy semiconductors have been around for half a century, but are limited to very specific uses.
Twenty years ago, three Japanese
A natural scientist. light LED.
Combine red and green to allow LED creation-
Driving white light and full-color displays.
According to industry watchers IHS Technology, since the invention of blue
LED, the market has grown to more than 90% of all display sales, \"will account for 32% of all bulb revenue in 2014.
\"It is estimated that led will account for 80% of the lighting market by 2020. Cree (CREE -Get Report)
Is the largest manufacturer of led pure games, representing \"light-
With the competition from the diversified giant GE, LEDs (GE -Get Report)
Now Philips (PHG -Get Report)
The company is closing its lighting department.
Osram traded on the German XETRA Exchange and is also a new independent department, once part of Siemens (SI).
Force field energy (FNRG)
The company sells LED products and has a contracting department called \"US lighting\", which is also focusing on trends in renewable energy and energy efficiency, but with a market value of only $0. 102 billion.
While the rise of led provides consumers with exciting new products, it is fast
It turns out that changing the industry is difficult for investors.
Higher competition and lower prices of manufactured goods put pressure on income.
Shares of Corey have fallen steadily over the past year, down 56%.
The company lowered its revenue guidance for the most recent quarter, sending the stock down 22% since the beginning of the month.
Raymond James\'s general manager, Hans Mosman, did not perform well against Kerry for a period of time.
\"This is a good company,\" he said, and it was an avid stock during the heat of cleaning technology.
Now, some of the growing businesses have \"low structural profits\" and high profits.
Profit margins have not increased.
\"I still think consensus data this year is too aggressive.
\"Other color screens using led are brighter, visible even during the day, and are less expensive to make.
So if you want to have some LED technology in your portfolio, you may already have it. Apple (AAPL)
High using led
High-end Thunderbolt display.
When the Apple TV comes up, it can have some type of LED display at any time.
MacBooks has a backlit LED display for more than five years, and Apple has acquired a company called Luxvue Technology with its micro-LED Technology.
Of course, you can be sure if Apple enters the LED screenPackard (HPQ)is, too.
The technology is very cheap.
99 will buy you a beautiful LED displaySPLS).
Of course, you need a lid to protect it if you want an LED screen. Corning (GLW)
He benefited a lot from the revolution of leadership.
Thanks to its Gorilla Glass product used to cover the flat screen, the stock rose more than 30% last year.
Corning also produces organic LEDs or oled for smartphones, tablets and PCs.
There is really only one problem with the LED screen.
They are so nice.
There are no moving parts so they don\'t wear out.
They are the same efficiency as microchips, so they can be as cheap.
Therefore, the best way to invest in led may not be through a stake in a manufacturer like Cree, but rather to buy a company with a new app with a highly readable screen. CBS Outdoor (CBSO)
Due to the led, billboard companies can make the outdoor logo read like a TV business.
You can also consider its competitor, Lamar Advertising (LAMR)
Outdoor and transparent access (CCO).
These companies are able to use LEDs to turn existing billboard locations into multiple sales and provide customers with more effective sales people.
The big screen at Cobos Stadium in Texas is also the LED screen of Mitsubishi Diamond Vision unit.
Jerry Jones found out that Cowboys are a very good investment, and this is the best way to play with the technology: Betting on users.
At the time of publication, The author owns a stake in AAPL.
This article is a comment made by an external contributor, which is different from the news reports of the street.
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