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led lighting gets a big nobel prize nod

by:Demo     2020-08-11
Three scientists will be awarded this year\'s Nobel Prize in physics as this breakthrough makes it possible to produce white LED lights and build a billion
Change the way we fight the darkness.
The award was awarded to the Japanese University of Nagoya University, Masaki Isamu and Tianye Hongzhi, as well as the nak tree of the University of California, Santa Barbara.
When nak came up with how to make blue LED Light module, he was working for Nichia Chemicals, a chemical company in Japan
LEDs, white light when applied with a yellow fluorescent body.
Combining the Blue LED with the previously developed red and green LED can also produce white light.
Commercial production of white LED in the 1990 s marked the beginning of a new era of lighting, which has been dominated by incandescent lamps for more than a century.
LED lights use electricity more efficiently and are expected to last at least 10 years, if not 15 years or more, compared to the few years that conventional bulbs can gather.
These benefits make LED lighting more attractive when decision makers and private businesses in many parts of the world are looking for ways to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.
Sales of Packaged LED including LED chips, wires, packaging materials and lenses reached $17.
It was $7 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $19.
According to IHS Technology, there are 8 billion companies around the world this year.
The technology is expected to account for 32% of bulb sales this year.
The Nobel committee says the invention of the three researchers was \"revolutionary \".
Incandescent lamps lit in the 20 th century;
\"The 21st century will be lit by LED lights,\" the commission said in a press release . \".
Akano and nak will share $1.
The 1 million prize will be awarded on December in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. 10. Nakamura co-
Established a joint venture --
LED lighting developer in California.
As early as 2012, I wrote about Soraa\'s first product, halogen mr16 replacements for shops and museums.
Before the white LED bulb appears, the LED light mainly appears as the indicator light of the car, traffic signal, electronic product or outdoor equipment.
Although white LED production entered the market in the 1990 s, until the past five years or so, the cost fell to enough to make the price of LED lights affordable for consumers and businesses.
Even so, they are still more expensive than incandescent lamps.
In order to save energy for LED lighting, consumers must be willing to spend more upfront expenses.
LED technology is also changing the way we LED Light module up the streets and highways, which I mentioned in a recent article (
View cool graphics showing photos before and after the city switched to LED lighting).
People may not have too many ideas about street lights, but the invention of those tall headlamps has greatly changed human behavior.
These lights enable people to extend Day activities to the evening and travel extensively in remote places after the sun goes down.
In fact, the heavy reliance on light-making has sparked criticism of its environmental and health effects, from amateur astronomers to health researchers.
The bright street lights not only make it difficult for people to see the stars, but also hinder the eating and other behaviors of the animals at night.
Concerns about so-
People, known as \"light pollution\", gather in front of the city council to advocate lighting design to minimize the LED Light module that shines upwards.
To solve all these problems, from making more energy-efficient bulbs to managing lights, is only lit when needed, which brings business opportunities to the lighting industry.
LED lighting manufacturers include brands such as Philips, Corey, Luminetix, Osram, GE and Acuity.
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