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led lighting control and its appropriate power supply

by:Demo     2020-08-15
LED lights are eco-friendly
Friendly to this green natural environment.
This is why these lights do not emit UV radiation.
In addition to energy saving, LED lighting power supplies are cost-effective and provide other useful benefits, some of which are durability and long service life.
Compared to lamps with the same output, the energy used by the led is reduced by 90%, and its duration is also extended by 85 times compared to other lamps.
LED lighting control has been introduced to the market and is mainly used for residential purposes.
Led has a variety of colors to choose from, such as red, blue, yellow, to illuminate your home.
The LED lighting control comes with a brochure that is easy to install and does not require an electrician to install the theme package.
LED lights are used for lighting areas that do not allow heating of illuminated objects, so it is almost impossible to use halogen lamps.
Now, the name of the pc25 Watt series of LED lighting power codes has been introduced for a few days, the voltage range of these products is from 115 V to 230 V, the product runs under the alternating current, made of high quality plastic, with an isolated plastic housing.
The product is highly reliable in essence because it can withstand short circuit above temperature.
The LED in LED lighting control has the characteristic that the voltage of current and current is the exponential function of voltage, and the small change of voltage value can tamper with the large current value, so for LED lighting power supply, it is important to pass the correct voltage value.
According to the LED lighting control, the LED should only be connected to a constant voltage at all times, because the heating of the LED will cause the voltage to drop, thus increasing the current.
In the LED lighting power supply, multiple LEDs can be connected continuously, provided that the sum of the threshold voltage of a single LED should be less than the source voltage.
Air convection is mainly carried out without charging, which is the best technology to ensure the safety of LED power supply.
This method ensures the cooling and reduces overheating.
ECHELON, a well-known company, is helping to promote the use of LED lighting power supplies by using the LED lighting world.
Here are some applications of LED lighting control
Illuminate the room and other spaces in the home, illuminate the store and attract people passing by the store.
In addition, these lighting also enhance the architectural beauty of the building.
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