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led light panels compared to led light boxes

by:Demo     2020-08-28
The use of light panels and boxes can help save energy, provide even lighting, and help the environment as they can be used for a long time.
The LED board is used for backlight and general lighting, while the LED light box provides image display and backlight.
When you make lighting choices, it\'s important to know the difference between them.
LED panel lights are used instead of fluorescent lighting and are often fixed on hanging cables hanging from the ceiling.
They can be used in offices, businesses and anywhere else as a replacement for fluorescent lighting.
Compared with traditional lighting, the use time of LED lamp boards is much longer, and some of them use up to 40,000 hours.
This can greatly reduce electricity and waste.
Similar to LED light boxes, panel lights can also be used to display graphics, but images tend to be more of a size and shape than an actual image.
LED light boxes are usually used to display images and are most commonly used by retailers or shops for advertising.
The LED strips inside the box illuminate images inserted into the outer layer that are easy to swap.
boxes vary by size and condition.
Most designs are used indoors, such as displaying posters in cinemas, or displaying various items in stores.
These outdoor boxes are more durable when it comes to weather and water.
Locks are usually used outdoors so that images are not stolen.
Unlike fluorescent tube lighting, LED light boxes distort the image and often leave lines from the tube to distribute the LED Light module evenly.
They allow to reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and have lower maintenance costs due to longer shelves
Site maintenance and simple selection.
In order to get the ideal lighting effect, you may need to use a combination of LED light board and LED Light module box depending on the effect and lighting needs you want.
LED light boxes and light boxes are available in a variety of sizes, but they can be used for a variety of reasons, so the panels are more customizable.
The reason for choosing any of these LED options depends on what you will do with it.
Interior designs such as lighting bars and desks are more suitable for panels, and displays such as posters, images and menus are more suitable for boxes.
Either way, the use of LED lighting can improve the display, reduce costs, and be more favorable to the environment.
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