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by:Demo     2020-08-30
This LED panel costs about $45 (
$30 with power)
Three hours left.
2x5m LED LED Light module strip 5050 cool white 12v (ebay -~$20)female 3. 5mm power jack (~$1)
Single color 5050 LED connector (ebay -~$4)
Metal Bolt Channel 90mm wide (home depot -~$5)
10amp 12v power supply (ebay -
About $15, cut about 110 cm from a 90mm wide metal bolt channel.
Drill holes at one end of the power jack and clean with sandpaper or rotating tools.
Install the power jack.
Cut the LED LED Light module strip into 1 m.
The metal bolt channel is 90mm wide, so only 9 LED components are allowed to be installed.
Since the sides of the connectors are wider than the straps, I have to cut them.
While they should work without welding, I would suggest using a little bit of welding to make the connection stronger.
Connect the connector to one end of each of the 9 bars and weld it.
Pay attention to the polarity of the band and ensure that the red line is welded to the positive side at all times.
Carefully connect all 9 bars inside the 90mm metal bolt channel by taking them off the 3m tape.
Make sure all ends with connectors are on the same side as the 3 ends. 5mm power jack.
Connect all the red wires to the middle socket of the power jack, connect all the black wires to the side socket.
Use solder to make the connection permanent and secure.
Cover the connection with tape.
I recommend 12 v.
Power supply 10a.
This LED Light module is only used for about 6-
7 amps, but for security reasons, it is better to use a power supply that can provide more power.
There are 540 LED lights in this setting, each should produce 15-20 lumens.
In my experience, this setting uses 6. 3amps at 11. 5 volts.
About 70 watts.
According to my research, the led should produce about 90 lumens per watt, so this setting will produce more than 6000 lumens.
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