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led light panel kit for photography

by:Demo     2020-08-02
I \'ve been drooling for a while because I bought some pretty led panels, but I can\'t justify spending a lot of money on them.
These LED panels provide a good soft light source for photography, saving power, being sturdy and durable and not heating too much.
I\'m not a professional photographer, just a fan who sometimes has a professional reason to make this stupid thing.
I decided to do two big ones, one small one, and I will add batteries later when shooting outside.
My coal is a budget of 3 led panels kept below 100 pounds.
Some people think the 12v emergency light is the best way to start.
12v also means it\'s easy to find the power supply.
Car battery, power supply, etc.
How much light do I need?
Let\'s take a look at 5 amps and feel like the maximum power and 5 m 300 I want to draw
SMD 5730 LED with rope light white looks like a good model. (
Although it\'s cool to find it near 9900k later.
There is also a warmer version.
Where is the 5730 LED 0.
5 watts per group, 3 LEDs per group, so these can be cut between these groups.
This is a good start for some calculations.
Now I know that my larger panel needs 99 LEDs, the smaller panel needs 81 LEDs, and you can only turn on 36 LEDs via switch if you want to extend battery life.
Where do they live?
First of all, I thought about buying some aluminum briefcase for it, but then I remembered that I used to buy some aluminum school cooking containers from my 70 s for possible iPad and laptop bags, but now the project will wait and there will be new purposes for these cases.
I think these places are very suitable for this task.
The larger panels are built on a container cover, as a panl and botomI, and while I know this may be a possible issue and introduce flicker at low power, I decided later, I will run them with full power most of the time, I just went to a head with a simple prefabricated led dimmer.
I try to find some switches that are a little retro style.
I think aesthetics is important, and if it looks good, I can find myself preferring what I built.
Parts3x Led dimmer 12/24 V 8 amp list 1 93x power supply 5 amps price 1 £ 5 Led strip5M 300-
Patch 5730 strip light with white40 £ 3x power switch price £ 2 £ 3x power plug price £ 2 £ aluminium tapesome electric wiretotal £ 94 £ additional stuffplexiglass20 £ mounts14 £ 3x photography light standprice 9 one of my test lights this is very important, because I found that my 12 led was not lit.
Remember to buy more than you need.
So, after removing the bar that doesn\'t work, I cut the strip with a smaller bar of the right length.
And put them in a pre-planned location.
And start cutting off the wires and putting the switch in the right place to see if everything is right.
I put several layers of tape under the LED Light Engine strip for isolation, and then temporarily paste them in place.
The transparent tape works fine here as it does not block the reflection of the aluminum container.
I turn on a dimmer and see what it eats.
See if I can scale it down, I\'m really pleasantly surprised that it\'s the perfect layout and it even has dimming controls with wires so I can place it freely.
Note: Keep in mind that these dimmers are very basic and have a pulse width modulation principle.
Witch means that when the led goes dark, it actually cuts off the current quickly in a very short time.
You can\'t see this with your eyes, but when used for a video or photography camera, it can pick up these cuts and it looks like flashing or producing artifacts when shooting a video.
When the lights are much darker and the high speed shutter time is used, this brings more problems.
The problem disappears when full power is used.
After that, I made some measurements on the rest of the cables.
I then turned off the LEDs and drilled holes for DC power input, dimmer control knobs and on/off switches.
It\'s also good to drill your holes.
If you are going to add an plexiglass or gel to the front, it is also time to drill the bracket for this.
It was a late update for me, so I ended up doing it anyway.
Note: buy the round DC plug so you can install it easily with just one hole drilled.
I have DC 2 on my power supply.
So I bought the corresponding 2. 5mm male plug. 5mm female plug.
It\'s time to test the electronics and see if everything is still working.
Note: When testing, please be aware that there is no electrical connector in contact with metal or short circuit. duhh :)
I then covered all the connectors with insulating tape and fixed the aluminum tape to the tape.
So far, through my tests, these panels are very cool and the aluminum body replaces the heat very well. note.
I use the aluminum strip to maximize the reflective surface on the panel.
Look, everything is normal.
I made some measurements.
The light temperature of 9500k is too cool, so now I decided to add a frosted slightly Brown plexiglass panel that can be used as a protection, a light diffuser and turn the light into a more viable 7700 k.
This is the first version of these lights.
I am very happy with the results, but I may do something again
Think or do different things for the next version. Mounting.
Well, it didn\'t go as planned, I bought a starting point that looked perfect first, but the company that sold them couldn\'t deliver them and could not return my money.
I don\'t have time for the fourth Epilog challenge anymore, so I went to a head and made them with the surveillance camera holder I already have.
Not ideal, not fragile, I don\'t recommend.
Warm LEDs, even adjustable color temperature. I would put each panel in my own box, although having two panels on the lid and bottom of a box would take up less space.
When you only need a power plug, it is not convenient, it can also provide more freedom in control, switch and power plug placement.
Only by putting them at one end can a stronger design be made.
Professional equipment cannot measure light intensity using simple sensors alone.
Since my girlfriend is the best assistant ever, there is no panel 5700 luxm 250 luxm 100 luxm 2700 luxwith panel 170 next to luxim luxwith
Thanks for reading :)
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