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led light fixture design and construction

by:Demo     2020-08-13
Lights with high color rendering index (CRI)
The art studio needs to be set up.
Several lighting options are considered, including: incandescent and halogen lamps, lamps-LEDs (LED)
Replacement bulb, compact fluorescent lamp (CFLs)
Includes built-in fixturesin LEDs.
Due to the relatively short life and low efficiency, incandescent lamps and halogen lamps are excluded.
Both CFL and LED replacement bulbs are adversely affected by overheating, making them sick
Suitable for enclosed lamps and lanterns.
The most attractive option is to design fixtures with integrated LEDs and proper heat dissipation.
General LED lighting design considerations and construction details will be described below. (
Materials and instructions for building two lamps)-
LEDs (LEDs)(
Puri 6X bxrc-30h2000-c-23)
Constant current drive (Harvard 6X cl33-700s2a)
Heat dissipation (
Desktop CPU aluminum radiator desktop)
Diffusion of light (2X 16. 5x16. 5x0.
118 \"acrylic Satinice 0D010 DF)
The structural material uses two 0 to recreate a lip at the bottom of the rim. 5X0.
125 \"flat Rod supporting diffuser.
Check the pictures carefully to see these instructions on making and using the wire bending machine.
Bask in the sun under energy saving and high CRI light source!
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