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led light expert offers super-bright motion sensor flood lights other article from technology

by:Demo     2020-08-15
San Diego, California, April 7, 2018: LED lights are rapidly replacing old lights and fixtures for standard varieties of incandescent, fluorescent and CFL lamps.
These all have the promise of superior lighting, cleaner LED Light module and energy efficiency.
LED LED Light module specialist is an online LED light sales shop that offers very bright Led corn bulbs to customers at very affordable prices.
To cover the market and reach out more to customers, the online seller has purchased its products online from the retail giant Amazon.
The power of the LED light is 20 watts, which can provide 1,750 lumens of lighting.
They produce white LED Light module and have a very wide angle of motion sensor of 240 degrees.
This lamp has a very long life span of up to 20 years.
These products do not have toxic substances such as mercury or lead, causing harm to users.
The lamp is capable of converting 90% of the electricity into light energy.
These can be the perfect replacement for conventional metal halogen lamps and are the perfect lighting option for industrial, commercial and residential spaces.
Motion sensors ensure better security and visibility in the areas where these lights are set.
The response time of the time is very good and there is no false motion detection.
These can detect the actual movement.
No problems with lights, never turn off, and don\'t have any false alarms to disturb your peace.
The sensor is very useful and comes with an adjustable control, which allows the customer to operate these lights and customize it according to their own convenience.
DLC has rated the lights independently.
This lamp is designed with advanced technology, with a commitment to extend life and improve efficiency.
The lamp can last a total of 50,000 hours as it is made of advanced components.
Customers can get these in two forms: Wood carbon black or white.
Buyers can easily install and adjust these lights.
The sensor and the lamp head can be adjusted to a better angle.
Consumers can easily install them in basic Wall junction boxes.
Both in the new fixture and in the old one, these can be easily used.
The wires are green to green stripes, blue to white, brown to black.
The lights listed by ETL are DLC (
Lighting Design Association
Verify and ensure safety.
These are all eligible for discounts.
The warranty period for these products is 5 years.
The motion sensor floodlights are certified and designed for long-lasting use.
Durability makes lighting equipment the first choice for people who need budget solutions to illuminate homes and other places.
It is possible to obtain high value for investment in these types of lights.
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