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by:Demo     2020-08-21
San Diego, California, April 7, 2018: Now LED lights are everywhere, almost everywhere in homes, offices, streets, highways, sports fields, etc.
LED LED Light module specialist is a high quality online LED light shop that offers some of the best lights in different styles, shapes and designs and in different price ranges.
It\'s already higher.
60 w linear high bay LED light for customers.
The lamp produces a 8,115 lumens at a power of 60 watts, and is the best alternative to CFL or metal halogen lamps/HPS/HID fixtures.
These efficiency are very high, and the efficiency can provide 115 lumens per watt.
With these light sources, you can have the opportunity to save up to 80% of your energy costs.
Clear glare can be obtained using these LED Light module sources.
Corn light industry products can be easily installed on any type of fixtures, old or new.
These can be connected directly to the E39 Mogul base and people just need to screw in.
These are plugs. and-
Play the form and use the driver instead of the ballast stone.
With an exceptional design, Illuminants can run for up to 50,000 hours or more than 26 years.
The manufacturer also provides it with a 5-year long term warranty.
These lamps feature advanced SMD2835 technology with an efficiency of up to 100
115 lumens per watt.
These can be in 360-degree angle.
The manufacturer integrates fans and aluminum radiators in the design, which ensures better cooling and longer life and better performance.
The light is DLC (
Lighting Design Association
Verified and UL certified, customer safety is guaranteed.
These cases are designed in a transparent plastic case and aluminum with a waterproof grade of IP64.
Additional protection for moisture and dust ensures a better service life for these lights.
LED corn bulbs are an efficient lighting solution that can be used for a variety of purposes.
These can be excellent alternatives to larger fixtures such as parking lights, high bay lights, or wall lights.
These lamps can last longer than standard lamps that use incandescent lamps or fluorescent lights.
Customers can save a lot of energy and money on these lighting devices.
The 60 w LED corn bulbs provided by LED LED Light module expert online store have been designed and built to operate for a long time to come and have been rated for use in both outdoor and indoor environments.
The transparent lid ensures full protection of the components, and the lamp can meet the customer\'s needs for a long time.
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