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LED display industry development trends in the second half of 2019

by:Demo     2021-07-16
In a blink of an eye, 2019 has entered the second half. As we all know, for many LED display manufacturers in the middle of each year, the industry is off-season, and this year is even more 'the day will not be too good.' On the one hand, demand is sluggish under the impact of continuous market saturation, and many traditional markets have not rebounded at all; on the other hand, in order to stimulate market demand, manufacturers have robbed and overdrafted future orders in advance by continuously reducing and concession. Here comes a round of market sales decline...

It can be seen that under the influence of factors such as early market overdraft and continued weak demand, what will happen to the LED display market development trend in the second half of 2019?

Continue to move forward in accordance with the current industrial situation. Judging from the competition and development of the LED display market in the first half of this year, there are currently two different market response methods in the industry: one is that price wars continue to prevail, and product prices continue to decrease under the premise of ensuring product quality. At the same time, The price war game starts from the channel to the mid-to-high-end market; the other is that for many screen companies in the industry, there are more and more resistances to the mid-to-high-end market, and the leading screen companies are becoming stronger and more market-segmented. Competition has become more fierce, and many manufacturers have encountered the embarrassment of giving up halfway.

The so-called 'soldiers come to block, waters come to coverHalf a year.

The industry as a whole lowered market expectations, and the industry started anew. In the past few years, although the transformation of the LED display industry has been slow and difficult, the overall situation is optimistic and positive, and stage results have been achieved. Since the beginning of this year, the sluggish external market and weak consumer demand have disrupted the original transformation process and deployment of many manufacturers to a certain extent, but this does not mean that the pace of change must be changed, but the manufacturers need to find the right direction and start again.

Under the background that the market may continue to fall and bottom out in the second half of this year, it is necessary for LED display manufacturers to learn to lower their expectations for the annual market growth rate, and shift their focus to further strengthen internal strength, and continuously improve their own technological capabilities and innovation. Strength, product strength, as well as the expansion of brand, marketing and service capabilities, return to the original intention of the enterprise, so as to truly find the standard of market operation, and truly pay attention to the experience and value of products to users.

Surprisingly win, start a battle of emergency rescue. In the past two years, for many people with LED display screens, the first impression is that the market has become faster and more complex. COB small pitch, MiniLED/, MicroLED and other new technology trends are one after another. In this case, many manufacturers have also begun to adopt new tricks and new methods of 'change to change' and 'change to change collarIn order to gain the initiative in the future market, we will take the lead in technological/product innovation.

The current changes in the entire LED display market have exceeded expectations. All this, although it brings a series of new challenges, it also adds new business opportunities and space. Because all innovation starts from breaking the obsolescence!

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