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large-sized led-backlight panel shipments to reach 115 m. in 2009.

by:Demo     2020-08-19
Sept. 22, 2009 (CENS)--LED-
Backlight panel shipments reached 23 million units in the second quarter, up 116%-on-quarter (QoQ)
According to the latest data released by display search, the research company.
Show search Taiwan office president, show search vice president and leader of large research Xie Guoweisized(over-10inch)
Thin Film Transistor-
LCD display (TFT-LCDs)
It is pointed out that although there are still some primary problems in terms of technology and cost in LED backlight, TFT-
LCD panel manufacturers are actively promoting LED backlight products for better performance, lower power consumption, smaller form factor and market difference ---
It has contributed significantly to growth in this area.
LED 23 million
14. Backlight panel unit for shipment.
Laptop panel 3 pieces, 7 pieces.
9 million is a netbook (mini-note PC)panels,0.
TV panel 6 million pieces, 0 pieces.
1 million is the monitoring panel.
In the second quarter, display search data showed that the penetration rate of LED backlight in netbooks was 43%, the laptop was 2%, the LCD TV was merely0.
LCD display 3%. Taiwan-
Headquartered in Hanxing display companyranked No.
LED backlight netbook panel shipments ranked first, followed by Youda optoelectronic. (
The biggest TFT-AUO
LCD panel manufacturers in Taiwan)
And LG Display (formerlyLG. Philips LCD Co. , Ltd. )of South Korea.
Most of the included netbook panels are wedge LED backlights with 7.
Shipping 9 million;
Ultra-thin LEDshipments only occupy the army. 1 million units
LG monitor ranked first
1in LED backlight LCD panel, focus 22-and 24-
Inch panel, Samsung followed.
LG Display also took the lead in led backlight laptop panel shipments in the second quarter with a 39% share, followed by AUO 28%, Samsung 19% and Chimei optoelectronic. (CMO)at 8%.
For LED backlight LCD TV panels, Samsung ranks first with a 91% share.
Despite this, LG Display is the champion in the field of directional backlight, while Samsung\'s shipments are mainly Edge productsLights.
The third forecast
Panel shipments will reach 37 in the quarter.
6 million, accounting for 25% of the total
LCD panel shipping size.
Penetration is expected to reach 29% in the fourth quarter.
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