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Installation method, a soft article lamp

by:Demo     2020-08-27
How soft article lamp installation method, the most simple light is a light bulb, the largest is the lighting effect, but then gradually there's a lot of light had all sorts of modelling, all sorts of color appearance, photo and gorgeous, beautiful sex is dye-in-the-wood. Soft article lamp is a kind of soft can bend adornment lamps and lanterns, shaped like a belt, there are a lot of LED lights inside can shine, so also called LED soft light bar. Article 5050 light with soft light and advantages of the application of life a lot of places can see soft article lamp, such as some billboards, signs, places of entertainment and car decoration, as well as some jewelry box and wine and so on, there are also some contour logo also use soft article lamp lighting and decoration. Because the soft article lamp can combine multiple color LED lights belt, also can be bent into various shapes, visual effect is very good. Glow color changes, also can adjust light, control, color change, choose a variety of effects, such as single color or RGB, so can make adornment environment become colorful. Material is qualitative soft, can be like wire crimp bending, also can to shear, delay, make modelling such as graphics and text is very easy and convenient. And LED bulbs and circuits are coated in a flexible plastic, so safety problem such as waterproof and insulation are guaranteed, climate resistance is strong, not easily broken at the same time, so has a long service life. How soft article lamp installation method, rounding 1, general soft article lamp with three rows of lights, four wire, also need to be aware of its power, weight, width and thickness, etc. 2, article led soft light usually equipped with a special plug with transformer, connecting with the transparent plastic cover down connected lamp, then cover. Article 3, each one meter soft light has 'shears' marks the location of cut at this location does not affect the normal use of it, or just cut it is easy to appear not bright. So cut to care. 4, installation, generally put soft article lamp in the lamp chamfer put straight, and then fixed with a cord or wire, if the outer pack or vertical pack, then use the wind to buy clip and tail plug fixed. After loading, where the plug and tail plug, waterproof on glass glue, can waterproof and get an electric shock, use more secure. Article led soft light meter how much this article led soft light meter how much watts is the lamp bead quantity and the specific and detailed specifications, generally a meter 30 of the lamp is 7. 2 w, 60 of 5050 LED Light module meter 14. 4 watts; 60 of 2835 meter of 6 w lamp, 2835 light with 120 light meter 12 w.
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