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ijdmtoy install toyota tundra led light bar

by:Demo     2020-09-02
Unlike the rigid industrial version, the iJDMTOY version of our Toyota Tundra LED light strip is located behind the plastic grill.
You need to cut it off for the rigid industry version, which needs to modify your truck.
This is a simple installation that allows you to enjoy the new bright LED light strip soon.
Remove these 4 screws in the middle and 2 clips on the outside to be able to remove the grill.
Once removed, you will see these 4 nuts in this order.
3 on one side and 1 on the other.
Remove the bolts by yourself.
Grab the metal LED Holder and you will screw it loose on the hole at the bottom, the curved edge facing the side of the car.
Place the LED stick on both sides, fix it together with bolts, and then fix the bracket bolts in place.
This Toyota Tacoma LED LED Light module strip system is perfect for this clean and smooth look.
You can see how simple this installation is and how it does not need to be modified to install it.
Check out the truck LED wiring guide for wiring instructions.
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