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how to work underwater video camera led lights

by:Demo     2020-08-24
Make a movie about swimming with a shark or a big squid?
When it comes to underwater shooting, especially in the ocean, good LED lights can make everything different.
But what is the correct way to use an underwater camera LED light?
Let\'s have a look.
Description difficulty: remove the LED light from the sturdy suitcase.
It is important that expensive lights are placed in a hard box when not in use.
Connect the cable of the LED light to the underwater camera.
If your camera does not have the optical cable option, connect it to the power supply on the ship (
Or on the coast, if filmed in the shallow water near the coast).
Use the manual wire shaft of the cable to adjust the length of the cable to suit your needs.
This is one of the tricks of underwater shooting: keep the cable loose (
Avoid repetition)
But also a picture. The hand-
Spooling should help you with this task.
If you happen to shoot without the help of someone else, use the clip to connect the LED light to your camera (
Or if you want to have full control of the camera and lighting in your hand).
Some LED lights do not have clips;
The lights must be placed separately and need help from the second person.
Rinse the LED light with clear water.
Don\'t let the salt water dry on your device until you do this ---
You should rinse it all out. -every inch--
Soon after leaving the water.
Once you have finished rinsing and drying, put the LED LED Light module into its protective hard case.
This will ensure that it is not accidentally damaged.
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