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how to make an led light box

by:Demo     2020-08-22
That\'s how I made a simple LED light box.
There are hundreds of instructions around how to make LED Light module boxes (
Also known as, tracking light boxes, moving frames, etc. ). . . from quick-and-
A rather technical version.
This is somewhere in the middle. It is solidly-
Built at the lowest cost and with some features I really like: The main cost is about $20 rgb LED light bars.
The rest of the material is what I have on hand, or something I have almost nothing to bring back.
If you want to make a nice little light box, maybe you will consider the design.
Thank you for your attention!
I want to use a piece of tempered glass on the top instead of any kind of plastic.
I opened my eyes and ended up finding two pieces of 14 \"x 14\" tempered glass at a thrift store for US dollars. 50 each.
This is a great discovery!
I used a piece of glass for this light box.
If I don\'t find these, my next option is to use the glass panel from the old printer/scanner.
Except for the glass, I used this: I made my side of the box very high.
I cut rabbets using the router installed on the table (
Or \"kickbacks\" for my British friend \")
Keep the glass along the top edge and keep the mid-slim board along the bottom edge.
The length of the side is made as needed to fit my particular glass panel, with a cut at the end of both opposite sides, adding only a little strength to the corner joint.
To check if the glass is suitable, the side of the box is dry.
In my case, I had to cut the Labe at the top a bit deeper in order to provide enough clearance for the glass panel.
Now it\'s better to have to solve this problem than after assembling the box!
The walls inside were painted with several layers of white paint.
The box was assembled with wood glue and brads.
The Brad hole is filled with putty and polished smooth once dry.
A few layers of paint were sprayed on the box, tying a handle. I used E-6000 (
Available on Amazon, but cheaper in places like Walmart)
Glue the glass panel into the groove at the top of the box.
I squeezed a small piece of glue around the recessed cut inner corner and then simply put the glass panel down.
I left this for treatment for about a day and by the time I came back it was firmly fixed in place.
I tried some options for this step.
Finally, the cheap foamboard offers the easiest and best way I think to spread LED Light module evenly.
Make sure you\'re using the foamboard with thin semi-transparent paper. (
Some foamboard\'s opaque paper is thicker and these things certainly don\'t work. )
A foamboard is cut into a shape that fits perfectly with the inside of the glass.
Thoroughly clean the interior glass and press the board in place.
This is a comfortable place so a foamboard won\'t move.
I also tried some options for lighting.
I bought a SEKOND line from Ikea and I would love to use it with LED bulbs, but it doesn\'t lighting evenly as I like it.
So I used this sticky one.
Supports rgb LEDs with excellent work.
I love the fact that the color and brightness are fully adjustable, and if I\'m in a good mood, I can track my inner content with a flashing flash.
Drill holes on the side of the box of the power cable and infrared receiver.
The power box and cable are hot glued to the appropriate position along the bottom of the box wall (
What\'s next?
When the box is rightside-up).
The LED light strip is fixed around the wall and is spaced about inches across each channel.
The sticky adhesive on the LED light strip is a bit suspicious, so I reinforced the light strip anywhere with a lot of hot glue.
The bottom panel is cut to fit the position on the white side and screwed in.
I added the stickiness of four squares.
As a bumper foot, back the craft foam to the bottom corner.
The remote control is fixed in place with some adhesivebacked velcro. That\'s it. Happy tracing! :)
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