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how to make an led candelabra

by:Demo     2020-09-05
This candle holder is a great project that combines 21st century crafts and art to produce an amazing tree structure covered by ivy, which will definitely make people open their mouths.
It\'s very easy to make, but you do need to do some electrical work and maybe some welding.
The trendy LED candle holder will be a great technical project for the school.
All you have to do is make a candle holder. . .
8 wire hangers, a round cake board, 10 LED lights, cards, silver paint, electric chocolate bucket, Cable tie-in, transparent gadgets, nail-free glue, flexible process wire, soldering iron, soldering tin (
But not in all cases)
Cut and straighten the hanger, re-
Model them into \"c\" shapes.
Fix the hanger together using two tie bands to form the trunk.
Manipulate the branches to form attractive shapes.
The LED LED Light module will be at the top of each branch, remember this when you shape the tree, and try to spread the light evenly so that the structure looks attractive from all angles.
At the bottom of the structure, the wires \"legs\" are opened like the spokes of the umbrella.
Make a small 90-
A degree turn at the end of each \"leg\" to create a \"foot \"(pointing down)
Each \"cake\" needs to be inserted into the hole on the edge of the cake board.
Hole in the cake board with a hammer and nail.
Stick the nails together with tape, twist the nails before pulling them out to expand the holes.
Fill the hole with nail-free glue and push it into 1 feet.
Keep it in place with selotape until the glue dries.
Insert all the wire feet into the cake board this way.
Until the glue is completely dry, then take out all the selotape.
Use hand wire to make interesting twisted pieces to decorate the branches of the candle holder.
To make a \"spring\", wrap a wire around the pencil.
To fix the wire in place, fix it by wrapping the end of the wire around the hanger that forms the trunk.
When the cable tie is taken, the package around the suitcase adds support to the structure. Option 1 -
The lights themselves have several options.
\"99 p Store\" sells LED lights operated by 20 mini batteries.
You can use these lights as they are now, and wherever the bulbs are, you can have them on the branches. Option 2 -
You can use these electrical components in 99p store lights to reduce costs.
This also means that you don\'t need to weld, you can screw the wires together and wrap them with insulating tape. Option 3 -
You can purchase LED lights, resistors and battery cases separately and weld the components together.
For the latter two options, you need to install two wires on the candle holder for each bulb.
The battery compartment will be hidden under the trunk.
Leave 5 cm of the remaining wires here for later connection to the battery box.
Wrap the wires around the trunk and on the branches to keep them in pairs.
This wire should produce the effect of ivy growing in the structure.
Leave the 5 cm wire at the end of the branch again for connecting the LED LED Light module.
There will be 8 LED lights at the end of each ranch, and the remaining two should snuggle up where the branches sprout.
Connect the LED bulb to each pair of wires.
If you have removed the LED lights from the \"99 p Store\", you can weld the connections or screw them together.
If you screw the wires together, you need to wrap the connection with insulating tape.
Use a small amount of tape to stick each bulb to the position of the wire structure.
Shield each bulb with newspaper and selotape and paint the structure with silver paint.
Also spray the outside of the battery box.
Follow the instructions on the back of the tin to use the paint.
For the sake of a truly good Finn, you may need to paint your tree on two layers.
Until it is completely dry and the shelter is removed from the bulb.
Pull the plastic suspension off each gadget and leave a hole or tunnel into the gadget.
Use a small amount of transparent dry glue to stick each LED light inside the hole of the gadget.
To connect 10 LED lights to the battery compartment, you will need to put the new working battery into the battery compartment.
The LED lights will only be connected in one way, so you need to find out which wire from the pair wires at the bottom of the tree.
Peel off a small piece of plastic covering from the two wires on the battery box, just as you are ready to add the wires.
Mark one of the wires with a small piece of tape.
Go through each pair of wires at the bottom of the candle holder in turn;
Peel off and plenty of plastic sheaths and fix the bare wires on the two wires attached to the battery box.
If the LED Light module bulb is not bright, change the wire.
When the bulb is turned on, mark the wire connecting the wire with electrical tape.
At the end of the day, you will get 10 mar root lines and 10 untagged ones.
Take the labeled end of the wire, twist together in groups of 3 or 4 ends, and push the 3 groups into the first 3 spaces of the electric chocolate block. Screw them in.
Do similar things with unmarked wires, push them into the same 4, 5, and 6 spaces on the chocolate block as the labeled wires.
Screw them all in.
Then cut two 4 cm pieces of wire and peel off both ends.
Twist one end with the cord marked in the battery box, and twist the other end to connect the first end.
This gives you 3 laps from the battery box marked wires.
Push these three lines into the chocolate block and mark the lines in the 1, 2 and 3 space connection structures.
Repeat this process for unmarked leads, pushing twists and turns into spaces 4, 5, and 6 to connect other unmarked leads.
All the lights should work now.
Use glue to stick the battery box and chocolate block to the cake board and directly under the suitcase of the structure.
Cut ivy leaves of all sizes from thin cards.
You need 20 to 30 leaves in total.
Use a needle to make a hole in each leaf where the stem is located.
Paint both sides of the Ivy, leave silver, and dry.
Attack the leaves into the structure by threading the leaves alone on a small craft line, then bend the wires around the wire network on the tree, and wrap the craft wires together to fix the leaves.
Using the largest leaf at the bottom, it gradually becomes smaller along the candle holder.
Also, make sure that the bottom leaves hide the battery box and the chocolate block.
There you make an amazing candle holder, which is definitely a talking point no matter where you put it.
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