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how to lower your electric bill: windows and led lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-11
I just received a water and electricity bill that made me happy, this is the first time.
Despite the substantial increase in fees charged by our beloved Power Company --
And the promise of more growth in the future.
The electricity bill is down rather than up.
The promise of a further rate hike triggered a small
My obsession with LED lighting and small renovations includes replacing about a dozen windows and doors.
Everything in my house is electric.
Furnace, heating, hot water, lighting, engineering.
So, try to imagine my happiness when BC Hydro introduces a particularly high rate for those who use more than average probably the cleanest energy.
Yes, I\'m angry, but I\'m busy too.
I\'ll jump to the end to tell you the results and then tell you how we got there.
In 5 months, we burn 30 KW hours of electricity a day for $71.
In the same period of the past two years, this number is 76 hours and 64 hours.
During the 34 days before our window and door replacement program in early January, we burned $469 in electricity.
Within 28 days, $148.
In the past five months, our average daily electricity is 67.
6 KW hours a day, compared to 112.
2 in the same period last year.
The provincial and federal governments have sent me a rebate check for renovations totaling $1,200.
To get a rebate, you have to complete a professional energy audit by a certified energy consultant, and we did (
The cost of two visits is approximately $300).
He will do all the paperwork for the rebate, you just have to cash the check.
BC Hydro estimates that you can save 20 heating costs by replacing inefficient windows with energy star windows.
In our main living area, we have more windows than walls, and the windows are also large, so our savings may be above average.
So far, our electricity consumption has dropped by 1,200, or about US dollars per year.
We replaced eight windows and two sliding glass doors, almost all in our main living area.
The cost is $8,000 and the price for a pair of customizations is $3,000
Doors made in France
We also talked about installing the grid.
Solar power ($25,000)
Solar hot water ($10,000)
But for now, I have decided to grab low hanging fruit: an inefficient incandescent lamp.
Most of our lives are in our front office, kitchen and dining room.
Our son stayed in the room most of the time. (
He\'s 16. What are you going to do? )
So these are areas where I want to maximize savings.
Putting a $40 LED Light module bulb in a closet makes no sense to LED Light module it up five minutes a day.
I spent over $400 on the bulb and the price per bulb was between $20 and $40.
Led saves more in the long term than compact fluorescent lamps and does not contain mercury.
You don\'t need CFLs.
Like me, do experiments on my own.
LED lights can easily turn a warm and comfortable space into an interrogation room for Kafka.
Living room: Dining room: Kitchen: my office: boy\'s room: both bulbs are on, almost during the day, very few. (
He\'s 16. What are you going to do? )
Remember, in order to guarantee the quality of the LED Light module, I left some traditional bulbs, and our daily power demand is based on the power demand of 5 hours per day for all the rooms I remodeled, down from 7 KW hours a day to about 1 hour. 5.
If we use dimmers, we can save about $200 a year.
I suggest you buy individual LED bulbs of several styles and test them or rooms in different places before you spend a bunch of dough to buy bulbs you don\'t like or don\'t fit well.
The Philips LED bulbs look like the monsters of Frankenstein with disturbing Amber elements, but they send out the warmest light to date.
Some LEDs emit cold blue light, so look for the color temperature between 2,700 K and 3,000 K.
When you invest in energy, you have to take a long-term view.
Save infrastructure.
Starting tomorrow, the solar power generation system connected to the BC Hydro power system will provide you with free power, but the previous price is about $25,000.
Hydro will even pay for your power generation, but don\'t use it, although it\'s only a few pennies per kilowatt hour.
Solar power generation takes about 20-
60 years or more to pay for yourself, although the payback period will drop as each electricity bill increases.
According to local contractors, solar hot water systems that Preheat the water that enters the hot water tank may cost only $8,000 to $10,000 and at 10-
For 30 years, it depends on how good your exposure is and how much hot water you actually use.
It\'s not as sexy as free electricity, but it\'s better for you.
Part of the cost problem --
The benefit analysis of relatively expensive power solutions is, B. C.
According to Pat Mathot, marketing manager, smart residential, hydro, BC, the price is very cheap.
He said areas such as Germany, Japan and California, which are highly involved in residential solar power generation, often have higher electricity prices and incentives for government installation of domestic solar technology.
For the average owner of B. C.
The lighting is \"the lowest-
Maduo said, \"hang fruit.
\"The efficiency from old incandescent lamps to CFL or LED has increased by about 75 to 80.
He said: \"Even if the price of each led is between $20 and $40, the led is cheap relative to the cost of the new window.
By targeting the lights in the most frequently occupied rooms, homeowners can immediately begin to realize savings and pay off the upfront cost of the conversion in just three years.
\"It doesn\'t even include the cost of all incandescent lamps you don\'t have to buy,\" he said . \".
\"If you buy an LED that lasts for 20 years, you may never have to buy another one.
He said: \"Although it may cost $1,000 to replace the old window with an efficient energy star window, you can usually take back the resale value of your home.
BC Hydro provides many programs and incentives for people who want to reduce their energy consumption.
LiveSmart BC offers rebates for qualified renovations.
The federal tax refund plan has just been withdrawn.
Power Smart also provides energy saving tips and cash rewards for energy saving through its website at bchydro. com/powersmart.
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