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how to install offroad led light bar w/ relay & switch

by:Demo     2020-08-12
This is a guide on how to install a general purpose relay harness group with on/off switches.
This wiring kit will be used with any LED light products such as Ford F-
The 150 LED light bar is convenient and safe to use.
For this guide, we will tap this LED light strip to achieve superior lighting in dark, off
Roaming situation.
Keep in mind that you can still connect the LED light product to an existing harness, but you can\'t control it independently and risk it being overloaded.
1: Option 2: Option 13: tap LED LED Light module bar positive number 4: tap LED light bar positive Number 5: tap battery positive number 6: tap battery positive number 7: if you will use two sets of terminals, please click on the front light positive 9: click on the front light negative intellectual property.
Wrap each terminal with tape so that these points do not come into contact.
Then wrap the white and black wires around each other to make sure they have no chance of contact.
If you use both sets of terminals at the same time, we recommend that you use the shorter end on the side where the battery is located.
Tap the white terminal wire onto the positive red wire and tap the black terminal wire onto the negative black wire.
Fix the tapping point with tape.
The fuse is connected to the red line, so if your LED light strip is short-circuited, the fuse will fuse to prevent any further damage.
The relay acts as a rail switch that flows energy in the right direction.
The switch comes with a double sided adhesive, so you can put the buttons anywhere convenient.
First, draw the switch part of the wiring from the passenger side to the driver side to achieve the ideal cable management.
Find the rubber cover on the driver side and open the firewall cover.
Insert the switch of the engine compartment inside.
The red wire is inserted into the front light positive line to prevent the car battery from being exhausted due to negligence.
The nearest model automatically turns off the headlights at night after the car is turned off.
Also, it is unlikely that the driver will forget to turn off the headlights compared to pressing the button to turn off the LED LED Light module strip, since the latter is not a local feature.
For these reasons, the red wire is inserted into the front headlight positive line.
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