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how to install ijdmtoy ford f150 led light bar

by:Demo     2020-08-03
This toy from Ford
150 strips are specially designed for mounting brackets and vehicles-
bar of size.
Different from Ford F-
The ijdmtoy led light strip system has a 150 strip system that is easy to slide and needs to be modified
Make it easy to install these LEDs on the stand.
Before we start, since we are installing this iJDMTOY strip system in the center of the lower bumper, you may need to relocate your license plate to suit the LED assembly.
Step 1: Find two bolts in the lower bumper position, which can be easily found after opening the hood.
Remove the bolt using a 21mm wrench.
Step 2: The screws will come out.
Tap the screw with a hammer to form a small gap between the two metal plates.
Step 3: once you have a slight gap between the two metal plates, take a mounting bracket and slide it between the metal plates and the top of the screws.
After that, tighten the bolts loosely so that you can have a little bit of room to adjust the level of the bracket later.
Step 4: repeat the bracket installed on the other side.
Step 5: You need to install the strip on the bracket now.
You can take this time to adjust the mounting bracket to make sure both sides are flat.
There are two ways to install the LED stick on the bracket.
You can remove the front bumper end cap on both sides.
This will give you more space and give you some space to fix the LED stick on the mounting bracket using the hex tool.
Another way is to use a combination of bolts and screws.
Insert the bolt into half of the screw and tighten the bolt with your finger after mounting the combined screw/bolt to the side of the strip.
Then tighten all the parts with a wrench.
Ford\'s toys.
The 150 bars are great for those who need brighter light to illuminate the road ahead.
This installation is much simpler than modifying your own stand and LED.
This way to install these LEDs is better and faster and won\'t let you do anything extra.
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