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how to determine the best distance of led grow lights from ...

by:Demo     2020-08-09
OK, so you bought a few LED lights and installed them in your garden.But are you sure they are the right distance from the plant?If you don\'t consider the distance between plants and light sources, chances are you misplaced them.The placement of plant growth lights is a crucial factor for your plants, but this is a step that most gardeners ignore.In extreme cases, incorrect positioning of the lamp can lead to the death of the plant.Different plants need different lights to accelerate their growth.But you really don\'t know how to evaluate the lighting intensity that is suitable for plant growth.That\'s why you should use the PAR meter.It is a tool for measuring the light intensity available to plants.If you buy PAR meters then you should put the grow lights of the plants at a distance between 500 and 1500 PAR.This could mean 8-Inch gap between plants and plants.However, it depends on the manufacturer of the growth light, because depending on the brand, you may need to move the inch closer or further.Best advice on high-High quality LED Growth , for more details, you can ask for help from 420 expert consultants.Considering that you may not want to invest in face value meters yet, knowing the best distance between LED Growth lights and your factory, you have to look for alternative ideas to find out the appropriate distance between plants and plants.Here are a few steps you should follow: First, make sure you buy a plantSpecific Growth .This can not only improve the growth of plants, but also ensure that you keep the best distance between lights and plants in the right steps.
Download the free metering app on your phone.There are a lot of apps so you don\'t need to pay special attention to one.
Open the app and walk out of the closed garden.Read it when it\'s sunny.Please read carefully.
Go back to your garden and turn on the planting lights.Use the app to measure their strength.Make sure you put your phone right above the leaves of the plant and write down what you read.
Divide one reading by the other to see how bright the light of your plant should be.Although the intensity of the growth lights is weak compared to the sunlight, if you think that plants do not get enough light for proper growth, you can always make them closer to the light.If you purchase a grow light without an optical system, you should use a lampshade in the range of 1 to 2 inch from the plant to ensure that the leaves do not burn.For growth lights with optical elements, you can keep them at a distance of about 4 to 6 inch from the LED Light module.Whenever you buy LED grow lights, keep an eye out for the energy efficiency per Watt built inIn the face value of optics and satisfactory.

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