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How to deal with the issue of transparent LED screen working stability - - LED display manufacturer GKGD LED display co. , LTD

by:Demo     2020-08-27
How to deal with the issue of transparent LED screen working stability - - LED display manufacturer GKGD LED display co. , LTD. , the usual transparent LED display screen is widely used in each big category, to play the commercial advertising and stop leasing activities. And in order to ensure smooth operations of the advertising and performances and other activities smoothly, we need transparent LED screen to adhere to a stable state of operation, then in detail how to do? Below we introduced from three aspects about transparent LED screen working stability of the treatment plan. A, materials selection decisions transparent LED screen to work on the stability of key data have LED lights, drive IC, power adapter, power supply, signal and excellent structure design. Our request for material selection is: the international famous brand, with higher than the industry standard request stop tests, as well as a variety of maintenance function request. For switching power supply selection request: there is overheating maintenance, ac input to support wide voltage, resistance to surge. Dc output overvoltage and overcurrent maintenance. Structure design in to ensure that the body beautiful and fashionable at the same time, to ensure good heat dissipation way and fast way of joining together. Second, the system control plan control of each link has hot backup function, including video send, acceptance of equipment, signal transmission cables, etc. , it can guarantee a link of the system to present the eventuality, system can automatically diagnose and at very fast speed switching to the backup device working, the whole process of switching effects will not appeared on the scene. For example: to meet the demand of the scenes, LED display needs to stop at the scene of the live move splicing appearance. If due to staff ignore or other reasons, the middle of the screen appeared a loose screen signal input line attack, in the normal control plan, from the beginning of onset of loose body, to signal the end of the cascade, all appeared screen there will be no signal. If in hot backup plan in the control system, in the moment, loose line hot backup function start, appeared screen will still be able to work normally, will not bring any influence to live. Three, transparent LED screen working state monitoring computer real-time monitoring, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, and a cooling fan working condition and so on. Can stop automatically regulate disposal of attack situations, provide location and alarm for abnormal. For example: when a body due to the environment or other factors cause tank internal temperature compare high, so in the absence of a timely, the box body the power of the internal temperature will attack at any time to maintain. If in this situation appeared to stop screen working status monitoring, system through intelligent control the working state of the transparent glass LED screen to reduce the internal temperature. When intelligent control can not reduce the temperature to the set purpose, set way alarm system passes through the staff, and provide the abnormal body position, timely inform staff. Ensure normal working state of the screen. Transparent LED screen, LED screen, transparent screens, transparent LED screen
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