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how to create spooky halloween effects with smart home lighting and sound

by:Demo     2020-08-15
With the popularity of indoor and outdoor smart home technology and an increasingly affordable price, it is very easy to transform your home during holidays and holidays.
With the help of the mobile app, you can sync the weird Halloween effects with lights and sounds to prepare for candy --
Exchange Marathon in advance
Today you will find an incredible array of lighting systems on the market, with Philips shades, lifx and other products in big box appliances and home improvement stores.
But keep in mind that few people are suitable for outdoor use, so you need to do some research in advance if you want to change the look of your home.
The upOne system that lights it up is SYLVANIA Smart range (
Brand Osram lighada in some countries)
Indoor and outdoor lighting options include standard A19 bulbs, LED floodlights and spotlights, flexible lighting strips, and outdoor garden lights.
There are two colors to choose from in white and color, and the choice of shades can be extended to thousands, which is very suitable for holiday lighting.
In addition to their own applications (
Android and iOS devices)
Smart bulbs can also be used through partner systems such as SmartThings, Belkin WeMo, and theWink hubs.
Voice control options include Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, while some indoor bulbs are supported by apple HomeKit/Siri.
So if you have already invested in smart home systems, you may find that you just need to add smart/lighting bulbs to your home without the need for additional controllers.
SYLVANIA smart garden mini RGB lighting set worth $70 includes a14-
9 External RGB lights and an outdoor wet run
Rated power supply.
It doesn\'t include the controller, so if you don\'t already have a compatible smart home hub, you\'ll also need to add a $30 SYLVANIA lighzigbee controller to your shopping list.
The lamp itself is mounted on short plastic spikes and can be easily fixed on the lawn or flower bed.
The cables are also flexible, so the led can be oriented towards the house, trees or decorations as you wish.
If you fix the light on a deck, step, or another plane, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the LEDs from spikes and surface installations.
Need more lights?
There is a garden extension kit ($30)
It adds another 3 feet of cables and three lights.
If you put the lights in place with spikes, you will find them easy to slide into the flower bed or lawn.
Plug in and turn on the power and they will send out a purple light to let you know they are working well.
Terry Walsh/digital trends as the lights light up you now need to sync them with your smart home controller.
SYLVANIA\'s Lightroom app is not the most fashionable Smart Home software, it supports basic power control, dimming and RGB color selector.
Go to device and click the Add button to start the device search.
Lights should be detected quickly (
If not, please power them off and turn them on again to reset the connection)
Can be paired with your app.
Since these are RGB LEDs, you can now adjust the lighting palette to find the worst shades!
Sadly, at any given time, you can only choose one color for all LEDs in operation, but the lights are bright and the color reproduction is quite good.
Internally, you have the option to sync the outdoor lighting with the extra SYLVANIA smart bulb, but there are other options as well.
Philips Hue is a popular range of smart lighting products with a wide range of LED Light module bulbs, fixtures and lighting devices, as well as a dedicated developer community.
As a leader in indoor smart LED lighting solutions, the company has recently expanded its range through a range of outdoor lighting.
While Hue works with a range of smart home kits and controllers from other manufacturers (
Including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant)
, You need a starter kit for Philips tone bridge connected to the router.
The $70 Philips tone White Starter Kit provides the cheapest entry point to tie the bridge to two adjustable white bulbs-but the resulting effect is not particularly prominent --chilling.
Alternatively, a new white and color environment starter kit for $200 will be Zigbee-
Hue bridge and four A19 RGB bulbs.
This is certainly not the cheapest smart lighting system, but it includes everything you need to create wonderful effects at home.
Add soundFor weird mysterious garden lighting and install Lily outdoor spotlights (
$280 for three packs)
Lighting the walls or creating weird lighting for the trees is a simple job while calling the outdoor path lights ($130)
Can help cheat or treat people to find the way to the front door. A 16 ft.
Flexible light bars ($160)
It is possible to bend around the deck, curved flower beds, and paths for additional decoration.
These new outdoor add-ons in this series are both waterproof and waterproof, and the working temperature drops-
4 F, can be easily plugged into the outdoor power outlet and supports interconnect, so it can be easily connected together.
For the porch, Go in a portable Philips Hue ($80)
Supports RGB lights powered by rechargeable batteries in 16 million colors or adjustable white LED Light module. The three-
Battery life is fairly short for an hour, but will get you through the peak
Throwing time at night.
To make the hair a little taller, try using the Halloween life scene or the third scene of the hue lab to combine your lights with audio effects
Halloween partyiOS/Android)
San Francisco haunted house (iOS/Android)apps.
Pair your smartphone or tablet with a hidden Bluetooth speaker and start the app.
It will trigger a variety of dramatic LED Light module scenes on your Hue bulb, accompanied by terrible sound effects.
Squeaky doors, evil footsteps, thunder and lightning, horrible groans, creaking witches and so on.
You can instruct the app to automatically play the continuous \"scarescape\" of the theme and effects, or test your hybrid skills with freestyle monstersouts.
Very interesting for the children (
But it must be too scary for kids)
When paired with the Philips Hue motion sensor ($40)
The combination provides a real potential scare neighbor.
Check out the video below, which combines the Philips Hue Go light and the Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker-both small enough to hide in the bushes near the front porch or behind the front door.
When the excitement disappears and the bell at the front door finally stops ringing, settle in before your favorite horror movie, and the new Philips Hue play bar intensifies the chill ($170 for two).
Hue Play is designed to sit behind a TV or computer monitor, subtly syncing color lighting to the action shown on the screen, enhancing-
Room atmosphere for movies, music and video games.
Once you make a preliminary investment in smart home technology, you can spend it on any holiday or special occasion.
Try a third different lighting scheme or preset theme
Party app can create a warm, festive or weird atmosphere at home.
Look at the trends, both economic and consumer, for indications on your Demo Photoelectric Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.'s staying power.
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