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how to compare led lights when buying in bulk

by:Demo     2020-08-23
If you are new to the LED lighting industry, would like to know more about what high quality LED lights are and how to compare them, especially if you want to buy LED lights in bulk from China, as a LED lighting manufacturer based in China, Here I give you some guidance on how to compare important components.
As LED lighting becomes more and more popular, many people will be confused when choosing LED lights.
First of all, we must understand that the quality and price of the lamps are determined by the four parts of the LED chip, LED driver, radiator and printed circuit board (PCB). 1.
The LED chip is one of the two most important components of the LED light, and the chip has a wide range of performance standards, so the price will vary depending on the chip brand used by the manufacturer.
Use CREE or OSRAM for high performance lamps;
The price may be a bit expensive for most consumers.
Instead, you may want to choose a lamp with a Bridgelux, Samsung or Epistar chip, but choose three chips that are affordable and of high quality.
Good quality chips will produce beautiful colors ,(
Measured by its color mild color rendering index --CRI)
, And high luminous efficiency (
Measure the extent to which light sources produce visible light).
Chip length in mm (mil)
1mm is equal to one in ten of 1 inch.
Generally speaking, the larger the chip, the better the performance.
As the manufacturer\'s specifications and claims tend to exceed
By determining which components to use when manufacturing the related products, it is prudent to compare one lamp to another, the statement said.
Many manufacturers use smd led chips in indoor lighting, such as SMD 2835 in LED tubes and SMD 3014 in LED panel lights.
These low-power LEDs produce less lumens, resulting in light that is easy for the human eye.
To put it simply, lumens are measurements of the amount of LED Light module emitted per second.
High-power LEDs are used in industrial lamps because of their small size, resulting in concentrated light and excellent work.
Many LED high bay lights come with a 45x45 mil chip and use and encapsulate the chip on the board (COB)light source.
For your information, numbers 2835, 3014, 3528, 5050, 5630 are the names of the packaging process models.
Another promising process is the COB light source mentioned earlier, and the chip is installed directly on the printed circuit board (PCB)
Installation equipment relative to the surface (SMD).
Since these light sources have multiple functions, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to get familiar with them in order to best meet your requirements.
As you can see, the LED package is closely related to its performance and manages many functions, including heat dissipation, light distribution and changing the color temperature and CRI of the chip.
Interestingly, the yellow fluorescent substance was added to the chip that produced white light to turn the originally produced blue light into white. 2.
The second key component of the LED driver is the power supply system, commonly referred to as the driver.
This is a limiting factor in the life of LED lights --
Although there is a city myth that claims that a lamp has a life span of up to 30 years;
The driver may only last 1000 until 2000.
Therefore, the manufacturer\'s claimed 50,000-hour LED light life is ignored.
A reputable driver like Meanwell is expected to have a life expectancy of 15,000 hours.
However, the cost will be 80% higher than the average driving cost in China.
Most manufacturers use their own drivers.
In this case, it is wise to ask if the capacitor comes from a reputable manufacturer.
Another sign of longevity is the warranty provided. 3.
The radiator LEDs are sensitive to temperature, which makes the radiator an important problem.
Most of the products use aluminum alloy radiators because of its high cost efficiency and while the specs don\'t really tell us much, we should look at three items. A.
Thermal conductivity: mold-
The most commonly used material is cast 6063 aluminum.
The best one has an anodized coating. B.
Number and size of fins: the more the bigger the better. C.
Some high-power LED lights use heat pipes. 4.
The material and design of the printed circuit board PCB is important when connecting the chip to the radiator.
PCB with low thermal conductivity can cause hot lights.
Metal and ceramic core pcb have good heat transfer coefficient, but most manufacturers choose fiberglass to save money.
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