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how to clean up energy-efficient bulbs that break | ehow

by:Demo     2020-08-10
Energy-Cost of efficient bulb-A replacement for traditional incandescent lamps is saved.-LEDs bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs are the two most common sources of energyEfficient bulbs for home use.The LED bulb contains several small diodes mounted in plastic or glass, while the CFLs contains trace amounts of mercury mounted in small glass tubes.
Cleaning up damaged CFL bulbs requires more care and thoughtful handling than cleaning up LED bulbs, although proper handling of each type of bulb is essential to prevent damage and maintain environmental health.Put on your gloves and hardDuring the cleaning process, please wear soled shoes in order to prevent injury.Use a hand-Sweep out large pieces of plastic or glass with a broom and dustpan.
Pour the contents of the dustpan into a brown paper bag.Fold over the tape to make the sticky edge outward.Tap the area with tape and pick up any remaining small pieces of glass or plastic.
Put the tape in a brown paper bag.
Roll the top of the bag and put it in the garbage bag.Use the vacuum hose attachment to clean up any remaining debris if necessary.Dispose of the LED Light module bulb with your normal garbage.
Evacuate people and pets nearby.
Open the windows of the room to ventilate for at least five minutes before returning to clean up.If your home has a forced air system, turn it off so it doesn\'t bring mercury steam into the rest of the home.Protect your hands and feet with gloves and hard pieces of glass-soled shoes.
Scoop up large pieces of glass and debris with two sheets of hard paper or cardboard.Do not sweep the glass as small pieces may stick to the bristles and remain after cleaning.Throw the pieces into the glass jar.Remove the remaining pieces of glass and powder with adhesive edges of tape length.
Put the used tape into the glass jar.
Wipe the floor or counter with a wet towel or wet tissue to collect the remaining powder.Put wet wipes or towels in a glass jar.Vacuum area only if you doubt the remaining glass or powder.According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the use of a vacuum can actually diffuse mercury vapor or powder.
If you choose vacuum, please keep the window open and remove the vacuum bag immediately after vacuum.Put the vacuum bag into the glass jar.Seal the jar with a lid.For information on handling CFL bulbs, please contact the local town hall.Some states or towns require light bulbs to be sent to hazardous waste disposal facilities or local recycling centers.
Place the jar in the outdoor trash can until you are able to dispose of what\'s inside.Wash your hands with warm water and soap after cleaning.Keep the room ventilated for several hours after cleaning.

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