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how to clean up a broken led bulb | ehow

by:Demo     2020-08-10
LED (light-LEDs) LED Light module bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs.Most LED bulbs are small.LED bulbs--Especially clean up the bad bulbs-Should not be confused with compact fluorescent bulbs.Cleaning the damaged LED bulb is different from cleaning the CFL bulb (and easier ).
This is due to the fact that unlike CFL bulbs, LED bulbs do not contain mercury or other hazardous chemicals and do not have to be considered hazardous waste.LED bulbs are usually made of plastic instead of glass, so the chips may not be as sharp as glass.Wear leather gloves to protect your hands from glass or plastic debris.
Prepare your garbage bag by putting one in the other-double-Bagging can prevent the puncture of debris.If the bulb is small, fill the bag in plastic bags.Clean up the larger pieces of the bulb with a hand broom and dustpan.
Pour the bulb pieces and metal parts into the garbage bag.Tear off a tape about 6 inch long.Gently press the adhesive side to the surface where the bulb is broken.This will pick up the small piece of glass left by the broom.
If necessary, use the hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner to suck away the rest of the particles of the bulb.If the bulb is very small, like many LED bulbs, it may not be necessary (unless there is debris on the carpet )
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