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How to choose lighting manufacturers?

by:Demo     2020-08-26
< p > how to choose the stage lighting manufacturer? Almost every stage lighting manufacturer gathered in guangzhou, guangdong province, is almost the centre of the world's stage lighting. Has been committed to become the world first-class lighting enterprises. Dedicated for each stage lighting engineering, after more than ten years development, has brought together a group of skilled and experienced professional and technical personnel, constant innovation in research and development technology, with independent research and development and production capacity of stage lighting manufacturers. < / p > < p > meeting LED lights/LED flat-panel lambency lamp series < / p > < p > meeting LED lights/LED flat-panel lambency lamp series are divided into embedded, embedded flipped by hanging a variety of styles, embedded electric flip,; source with LED100W and 200 w, three primary colors tubes is seldom used now, a few budget shortfalls to use; Color temperature 3200 k, 5600 k, and color temperature ( 3000 k - 6000 k) 。 Because of its high brightness, color reduction degree is high, accurate color temperature, light, wide application of big small and medium-sized video conference rooms, multi-function hall lighting, etc. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > LED spotlight series < / p > < p > LED spotlights series USES the COB LED light source, is a surface can be used as a stage light, side light, backlight, outline of lamps and lanterns. , low power consumption and high brightness, no stroboscopic light, the light is downy, consistent color, beam Angle, LED Light module intensity of energetic and uniform color, can be according to the stage characters or more clear more soft, more three-dimensional. Wide application of multi-function hall, lecture hall, theatre hall, hotel banquet hall, ladder classrooms, multimedia conference room, studio lighting, etc. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > LED imaging light series < / p > < p > LED imaging light series or molding ellipsoid spotlight, lamp, light source USES the COB LED, in the history of color and brightness, almost 㛤 beauty ordinary incandescent lamp, spot even, clear cut light, border without light. Suitable for all kinds of performance places in front of the light, in the face, side light, backlight, widely used large-scale television studio theatre hall, hall, conference and so on. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > computer moving head beam light series < / p > < p > computer moving head beam light series type is more, because of the need to meet different lighting effect. According to the function consists of beam, dyeing, design and three functions ( Beam, dyeing, integration design collection) ; According to the light source can be divided into the current relatively popular in the LED light source, philips, optimal light and so on, the light source is also divided into different power; According to the IP rating can be divided into waterproof and waterproof. Variety, it is suitable for the needs of the various stage effect. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > LED Mr series < / p > < p > LED Mr series dyeing or LED lamp, LED project-light lamp, because of its bright color, mixed color is rich, as many as 16. 7 million kinds of color effect. Consistent with light fully highlighting, color temperature, energy conservation, environmental protection, no radiation, high photosynthetic efficiency, and low calorific value. Widely used in spread light rendering stage lighting, outdoor lighting, outdoor dyeing and so on. < / p >
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