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How to choose LED panel light

by:Demo     2020-08-27
LED panel light is now widely used in office buildings, classrooms, hospitals and other places, many engineering projects and order of LED panel LED Light module as the main lighting products, grace lighting production LED flat light, LED soft article lamp, LED lamp line ten years, has been adhering to the customer first, quality first, the small make up will tell you some simple knowledge of choose and buy, for your reference! Chip: chip is the core of the LED luminous element, different brand, different types of lamp bead luminous efficiency and color rendering index are different. So when the choose and buy, pay attention to understand the chip quality, good chip not only service life is long, and the luminous efficiency and color rendering index are higher, and more widely used occasion. The color temperature: different lighting places, such as bedroom, sitting room, hutch defends the need for the light is different, may have a look at this time of the LED light color temperature to choose. The LED color temperature range of 2700 k to 6500 k, the smaller the value bias yellow LED Light module, the opposite to blue LED Light module. The luminous flux, luminous flux popular refers to the brightness. The area of the different environment, different need of light. Under the same number of flat, according to the different environment, use the number of LED lights is different. According to their own space when buying demand consulting sales staff. When choosing lamps and lanterns, need to combine environmental lighting, the luminous flux reference product index, or pay attention to the brightness of the light, as far as possible choose the lamps and lanterns of brightness is enough but not dazzling. See color rendering index, color rendering index is to see the real objects in light color, numerical general 0 - — 100, now the LED color standards are more than 80 above, better advised to choose a more than 90. Stroboscopic tests: it is recommended that look at the LED lights whether stroboscopic of choose and buy, the lamps and lanterns of stroboscopic will have effect to eyesight. Problem of stroboscopic is visible to the naked eye observation, can use mobile phone photograph on the floodlight, add photos appear gray and white stripes 'shows stroboscopic, if not, no stroboscopic.
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