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how to choose an led light bulb

by:Demo     2020-08-23
For more than 30 years, LED lights have been used as indicators on the front panel of our home electronics.
Now, advances in technology have made the technology of LED Light module-emitting devices a major lighting choice for our home lighting.
Nowadays, legislation in many countries provides for the use of more efficient lighting equipment, resulting in the use of CFL bulbs becoming widespread.
This has aroused public interest in other light technologies.
However, as a consumer, it is easy to get stuck in the technical details when picking the first LED bulb.
Each aspect of each lighting technology is considered below, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.
Price: sticker impact does not wear out in an hour or two or even a week.
LED bulbs are really expensive.
The CFL bulb was $10 when it first came out and the incandescent lamp was $0. 50.
However, people still buy the CFL type anyway.
However, after years of sales growth and the economy of mass manufacturing, CFL bulbs can now be sold for $1.
Currently, LED bulbs with a brightness output equal to 40-
60 w incandescent lamp, $24-60 apiece.
Considering how far the price of the CFL bulb has fallen since its inception, it is reasonable to expect the price of the LED bulb to be $5
In the next few years, 10 per person.
Service life and dimmer: the service life of standard cheap incandescent lamps is 750-1000 hours.
You can purchase 5000 hours of bulbs that are designed for 130 V and can extend their life by simply running the cooler at 120 V.
These bulbs are efficient because they have only 63% light output at 120 V.
You end up buying the 100 W version to restore the magic 800 lumens output level, thus increasing your utility bill.
Using the dimmer control to reduce the brightness of the lamp can also lead to very low efficiency in the use of incandescent lamps. The original 3-
The bulb with two switch filaments is actually the right way to create multiple lighting levels.
The average life of the CFL bulb is 10,000 hours and the life of the latest LED light is 50,000 hours.
The life of the LED is based on when it reaches the 70% light output, not when it stops working.
Incandescent lamps usually fail miserably due to wire fatigue.
When the CFL bulbs start to fail, they get darker and flash a lot.
The Led just gradually turns out to be light, so depending on the duration of the electronic power supply inside the bulb, the led may work 50,000 hours away.
Essentially, neither the CFL nor the LED light can be used for dimmer unless you purchase a special version.
Handling issues: standard incandescent and CFL bulbs are made of fragile glass.
In the process of processing, both may be interrupted at some point, if not when you try to cram more garbage into the trash can, then it must be when the garbage truck compresses his load.
Fortunately, there is no hazardous material in the incandescent lamp model except for glass debris.
The CFL bulb contains mercury and needs to be treated with care like a battery.
Each year, waste from failed fluorescent products produces 50,000 pounds of toxic mercury.
If you break a light bulb at home, you have the risk of inhaling mercury steam.
If you need to dispose of them properly, please send them to the recycling center or Home Depot.
According to the design, the led is packaged in a solid epoxy resin with only a trace of arsenic compounds inside.
They are not considered dangerous.
Efficiency: electricity is expensive and energy prices are rising.
The 60 w incandescent lamp is equivalent to a 14 w CFL bulb or 9 w. 8W LED bulb.
The energy used by the CFL bulb increased by 43% compared to the LED bulb.
Taking into account five times the life and energy saving, a $14 LED bulb will be cleaned with a $2 CFL bulb in terms of the life running cost.
Now, a $25 LED bulb will have around half the cost of running 60 w incandescent life, making it a great way to upgrade old-fashioned bulbs.
Availability: Incandescent lamps can work at almost any ambient temperature.
In fact, this is the only way to endure the temperature of the home oven.
The failure mode of incandescent lamp design is due to filament fatigue.
Whenever the light is turned on or off, the filament expands or shrinks.
Extreme temperature and humidity increase this fatigue and greatly shorten the life span.
In my experience, for example, using a standard light bulb in a refrigerator or outdoors reduces life to a few hundred hours.
CFL bulbs from 5-105 degrees F.
This allows them to be used slightly in hot sheds in the summer or in cold weather.
The traffic lights completely bypass the CFL technology and go straight from the special long life incandescent lamp to the LED light model.
More expensive CFL models are designed for outdoor or electrical use for home use, but for $1015 each.
At this price, LED lights can get cheaper lifetime operating costs.
LED bulb from-
22F to 176F, they can all be used in general except in the oven.
Many better LED models from 85-
260VAC, which means that the power limit does not darken them during a thunderstorm, nor does it cause a moderate surge of wires.
Special models for dimmer can be provided.
The size varies greatly, with an average diameter of 3 inch and a length of 4-6. 3 inches.
Why are they so big, you ask the LED knot to be very compact and about 90% efficient in terms of lighting, which means that the 10 w LED will still generate a watt of heat.
That\'s why they added aluminum to it for heat dissipation.
Our aim is to keep life at 50,000 hours.
You have to check your light fixture to see which one can hold a larger LED bulb.
There is a similar problem with the size of the CFL bulb.
Many people are long and thin, or have fat bases that don\'t work in the design of all the desk lamps or ceiling fixtures.
The LED lighting industry needs early adopters to lower prices for the masses.
The price of CFL has dropped to $1-
As a result, the LED industry needs to cut prices by at least half if it wants to be truly competitive.
Consider changing a light bulb in your home to an LED type, such as the main light in the living room or kitchen.
Select the most useful location.
Other household products using LED technology are already competitive, they are small reading lights and flashlights.
LED desk lamp, used for local lighting around the keyboard, is a great way to cool the home office in the summer and do a part for energy saving.
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