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how led lights could help prevent the decline of eulachon fish

by:Demo     2020-08-27
According to the federal government, tens of thousands of people from European countries each year have access to the coding shrimp net in the Gulf region, which has a potentially devastating impact on the number of fish.
It is called a sub-catch, which also appears when the catcher nets in the water and catches other unwanted species.
Near Prince Rupert, skinaC.
The fishermen separated eulachon from the shrimp they caught and dumped them back into the ocean.
Usually they can\'t survive.
But an enlightening idea from Oregon may be answered.
Fishermen there have been installing LED lights on fishing lines to scare off fish --
Now DFO is considering doing the same thing in B. C.
The first nation of the Central Coast retains the tradition of eulachon grease, as the fish return to Bella Khoa Riveri White, located near Prince Rupert, who is the nation\'s management, he said, the practice of the dumaping yulagong Beachers is legitimate and calls for a change in that practice.
According to White, Earlyeulachonruns, held on February and 3, are mainly inhabited by women.
Shesaysbycatch may affect the number of fish. \"If [trawlers]
They may dig out too many women before they harvest before running, and then break the balance, \"White told Dawn North host Carolina de lake.
Eulachon has long been important for indigenous people as an important source of seasonal food.
According to colinmasson, director of the agency\'s northern coast region, fishing and marine lights are considering the seasonal closure of the SkeenaRiverto shrimp trawler to avoid eulachonbycatch.
But the LED light could also be a solution, says Maisen.
When the trawl passes through the water, the light can be attached to the side of the trawl.
As we all know, Eulachonare avoid LED Light module when the network goes to them.
Oregon has achieved great success in LED lighting.
The Fish and Wildlife Department in the United States said their research showed that the number of urakon in shrimp nets was reduced by 90.
\"This is very promising.
At this point, the department is considering implementing a regulatory change to incorporate the technology, \"said masson.
Oregon\'s Fish and Wildlife Department found loose LightsOn placed on the fish line of each fish net, which was very effective in keeping eulachon away.
\"The net used in Oregonmayvaryfrom B. C.
Fishing nets, which may affect their effectiveness, but you can definitely use light to exclude most uracon people from shrimp trawl, \"said Scott Gros of the department. B. C.
The first country sued the federal government over salmon farming, saying it was drafting regulations to implement lighting on the web, and DFO was waiting for approval from the federal government.
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