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how led lights are improving work place

by:Demo     2020-08-22
According to the latest report from the Environmental Protection Agency, do you know (EPA)
Americans spend an average of 87% of their time indoors.
This is not a good number, but most people are in this state.
In an office environment, proper lighting is the key to productivity and often determines the perception, mood and performance of employees.
A study by the American Institute of indoor studies found that 25% reported a loss of 15 minutes per day due to eye focus problems.
This is equivalent to one and a half weeks a year.
69% of employees complained about the lack of light in the work space.
75% it is reported that they can improve efficiency and productivity with better light.
30% of people have headaches due to eye fatigue.
Therefore, it is necessary to install LED lights and replace outdated fluorescent lighting.
In this article, we show the benefits of using enough LED lighting in the office or in the workplace.
Let\'s take a look at the right benefits: The LED lights are brighter, clearer, and have a longer life.
Therefore, it can help people understand more.
The emergency exit is designed with a red LED light as it is clear, bright and easy to read even from a distance.
In the event of an emergency, in order to ensure the safety of everyone, the lighting of the stairwell and exit is very important.
The regulation of circadian rhythm by LED lighting is one of the important parts of our biological processes that affect physiological processes.
Lighting is the effect of circadian rhythm, but traditional lighting products do not take this into account.
Fortunately, LED lighting products are modern and advanced.
In offices and other workplaces, circadian lighting plays a vital role in the productivity and health of employees.
The planning and design of modern LED lights take into account the circadian rhythm.
The latest study found that office staff exposed to circadian lighting performed 10 to 25% better than their colleagues.
The Led is energy efficient and yes, these lights can save up to 80% of the electricity bill.
LED lights are replacing conventional CFL lights.
24/7 corporate offices where lighting is required.
Energy saving is the main reason why enterprises use LED lighting in new projects and replace old traditional lighting.
LED lights produce less heat, LED lights are safe to use, it plays an important role and takes a step towards a greener Earth.
The total heat generated by the lighting equipment will affect the temperature of the office together.
The traditional LED Light module will generate more heat, so it will cause the air conditioner to cool down and thus consume more energy. Eco-
According to a US report, the carbon emissions of LED lights are 514, which is much lower than the carbon emissions of bulbs.
The higher the carbon emissions, the greater the harm to the environment in the next few days. More advanced LEDs can knock on the door, but the current LEDs are more useful and energy efficient than any other lamp on the market.
LED lighting is available in a variety of colors depending on the mood. You can choose a wide range of light from Hykolity, which provides the best quality LED lights.
It is produced accurately under several necessary measures.
Spread brightness with LED lights.
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