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hosa belaku: mysuru gets led tube lights

by:Demo     2020-08-16
After the LED bulb, now it\'s the turn to switch to the LED tube light and \"energy-
High efficiency ceiling fan.
Under the domestic high-efficiency lighting plan (DELP)
It was launched two years ago by the Department of Energy, 27.
47 lakh 9 watt LED bulbs are sold in the area under the Chamundeshwari Power Supply Company (CESC).
Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL)
Since the launch of Hosa Belaku, an entity of the coalition government has been supplying light bulbs.
CESC alone requires about 67 lakh bulbs to be sold among consumers in five regions, with the state demanding more than six crore bulbs.
By selecting LED, the ministry aims to achieve energy efficiency and save at least 40 power consumption.
After launch, each bulb is sold for £ 100.
The price dropped to £ 80, further down to £ 65.
Anne Gowda, CESC executive engineer, told Hindus that the cost per downlight group was 230 and the cost of the fan group was 1,150.
Sales of ceiling fans are about to begin.
\"Since many families are used to using tube lights, tube lights have been introduced,\" he added . \".
Senior regional manager.
Mohan is coordinating the distribution of the CESC area.
There are tube lights only in the city of Mysuru.
9 W bulbs are now being purchased from different private manufacturers through tender.
According to the company, the same manufacturer has been supplying 20-watt tube lights.
LED bulb counter sales in the CESC area have stopped for about two months as the company is looking for a new tender, perhaps to distribute the bulbs at a more subsidized cost.
\"There are tube lights and light bulbs in all four places in Mysuru.
The supply network will expand once the manufacturer\'s delivery increases.
More places will get LED Light module bulbs and lights after January 15. N.
Shekar, consultant Mysuru EESL.
There are light bulbs and tube lights in Mysuru, CESC Kuvempunagar, cesc v. V.
Mohalla, CESC Harsha Road and CESC Vidyaranyapuram.
Because there are three bulbs.
One year replacement warranty, the company is replacing the bulb (
Sold until last year)
If a customer generates a bill for their purchase.
Even the new light bulb has three.
One year warranty when tube LED Light module comes with twoand-half-year warranty.
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