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homeless man, 45, is arrested and told to buy led lights for his trolley after wandering onto a road late at night and almost causing a collision

by:Demo     2020-08-12
A homeless man who almost caused a major collision after wandering on a busy road late at night was told to buy LED lights for his trolley.
45-year-old Jeremy Leith Gray faces Levin District Court on New Zealand\'s lower North Island this week.
Police have arrested the Tramp for being found on a busy road, avoiding an oncoming car.
The driver was forced to turn to gray when he pushed the trolley.
In order to avoid this happening again and increase his visibility, Judge Sygrove advised Gray in court to install LED lights on his trolley.
LED lights mean the Gray does not need to continue buying batteries, he said.
The New Zealand Herald reported that Judge Sygrove told Gray in court that you must stay away from the road.
Judge Sygrove\'s suggestion was that counsel Kelvin Campbell at Gray told the court that his confessing client would be more careful in the future not to wander on the road.
Gray also promised to use the LED Light module on the trolley.
Social media users have since gone to Facebook to comment on the judge\'s proposal.
Next, he needs to take it [trolley]
One user said to buy a rego.
Someone said hello to the man. Vis . . .
The judge offered to pay?
Another commented.
It is reported that Gray has been wandering the streets for many years and has faced court for another matter before.
It is reported that on 2013, authorities found Gray crouching on an open space in Bryant Street north of Palmerston, about 40 minutes\' drive north of Levin.
At that time, he was accused of living illegally in a building and even faced imprisonment if he could not find a place to live. His then-
Defense lawyer Joker Turnbull told the court that Gray had always wanted to live on the street.
This time, Campbell\'s lawyer said that Gray has a caring and caring family member who lives on Fox ton beach on the east coast of the island.
He pointed out that this has always been an optional life arrangement for Gray.
If summoned within the next 12 months, Gray will be sentenced to re-appearance.
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