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by:Demo     2020-07-30
Although more people are familiar with seeing an on the roof of a police car, the roof is not the only place where a light strip can be installed.Many large vehicles like trucks have light bars installed in the rear.Depending on its size and design, the theLED light pole can be mounted on the rear bumper or between the bumper and the vehicle bed.
Many lamp strips are designed for different uses such as running lights, turn lights, brake lights, and parking lights.Some will also add the reverse lighting function.The light strips are available in a variety of sizes and are even used for roof mount and back mount.
Small trucks, SUVs and so on also have smaller light bars.The so-Designed for mounting between the bumper and the tailgate the lamp pole called the long tail door.The lamp can be controlled electronically in the tailgate light strip, red LED for brake lighting, white for reverse lighting, and yellow for steering signals.
poles installed outside the vehicle are usually wrapped in a waterproof cover.Most manufacturers will even be careful to provide rust-proof steel screws, which can be used continuously as long as LED bulbs with a long life span are usually long.There are also lamp strips that can be inserted and installed with magnetic brackets or suction cups.
Although the light strip can be customized to be installed on any vehicle, there is also a flexible design that allows an LED Light Engine strip to be installed on any profile.Whether on the roof or on the back, the low profile light pole will be mounted on the rubber pad, not with screws, and the way the shell is made will not be displayed at all.Before the light is on, the light bar is actually invisible.
In the case of an ambulance, a large light pole can also be installed on the roof.However, smaller light bars can be installed on various parts of the vehicle.The small light strip can be mounted on an ambulance on a grill or bumper, especially on the back, to facilitate the following vehicles.
Rear loading lights are a necessity in an ambulance near a stretcher or a door normally passed by the patient.In the patient cabin, a small led light pole is necessary and sometimes the patient needs to be taken care.In addition to police cars and ambulances, vehicles for all types of rescue teams are decorated by a light bar.
LED is a popular choice today because LED lights never go out during operation.It is also a popular choice for most emergency vehicle users.Involved in water rescue, rope rescue, building collapse rescue or all types of fire fighting vehicles and emergency medical services at the scene of a car accident, they prefer to install more light poles in different parts of the vehicle.
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