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Four parameters of LED module light source strip

by:Demo     2021-07-05

What are the four parameters of the LED module light source strip? Let's introduce the four major parameters below:

The first parameter of LED module light source is color: this is a basic parameter, and different colors are used in different occasions. According to the color type, it can be divided into three types: single-color, seven-color, and full-color single-point control. A single color is a single color and cannot be changed. Just plug in the power and it will work. Colorful means that the entire series of modules can only be of the same color, and can not achieve different colors of a single module. Simply put, all modules can only achieve the same color at the same time, and different times can be one of the seven colors. Between changes. Full-color single point means that the color of each module can be controlled, and the effect of displaying pictures and videos can be achieved when the number of modules reaches a certain level. Seven-color and full-color single points need to add a control system to achieve the effect. We will introduce the control system selection and application in detail in the control system chapter.

The second parameter of LED module light source lamp strip is voltage: this is a very important parameter. At present, 12V low-voltage modules are more common. When connecting the power supply and the control system, be sure to check the correctness of the voltage value before powering on, otherwise the LED module will be damaged.

The third parameter of the LED module light source lamp strip is the working temperature: that is, the temperature at which the LED works normally. Normally, it is between -20°C and +60°C, and special treatment is required if the required range is relatively high.

LED module light source lamp strip parameter four is the light-emitting angle: the LED Light module-emitting angle of the LED module without lens is mainly determined by the LED, and the different light-emitting angles of the LED are also different. Generally, the light-emitting angle of the LED provided by the manufacturer is the LED The angle of the module.

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