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fluorescent and led light compared to hps lamps

by:Demo     2020-08-04
If you are looking for a new hydroponics growth box in the market, I highly recommend that you pay great attention to the type of light in the growth box.
Indoor ploughing applications often use various types of LED Light module.
You may find high output fluorescent lamps, or you may find high pressure sodium lamps, or metal halogen lamps, high output gardening LED lights.
If you are able to handle the extra cost of running the heat and high output lighting system, the traditional high pressure sodium and metal halogen hydrocarbon lamps seem to work best.
LED lights and fluorescent lights will use a lot less power and won\'t be that hot, but usually won\'t give you that much lumens or energy output.
The more light you have, the more plants will grow, but you will spend more money on electricity.
Fluorescent and LED lights are different from high pressure sodium bulbs with higher wattage, and really shouldn\'t be considered an option unless you are a pure amateur.
If you want to get a lethal yield and get the most out of your crop, there is no doubt that you want to make your planting with traditional high pressure sodium or metal halogen lamps
Make sure the lighting will also be fully cooled and the machine will be well ventilated and built.
A good growth bag contains a mixture of various types of lights, such as high-pressure sodium light and fluorescent lamps, because they give you a more rounded spectrum, in addition to indicating LED Light module, you can also get the plants that were not possible before.
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