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flats go green with organic farming, led lights | kochi news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-09-02
Gao Zhi: in order to implement various effective waste management systems, the apartment complex in the city works together.
Although some apartment associations have shifted to organic agriculture through the use of biotechnology
Others have come up with innovative ideas such as laying the ground with hollow tiles or replacing CFLs with LED lights.
As part of the TOI clean Kochi initiative, a waste management specialist has been visiting the apartment complex, saying that apartment residents are aware of the waste they produce and the need to save resources such as rain.
Nirmala Padmanabhan, head of the Department of Economics at Santa Teresa College, said: \"Due to the rules and regulations, most apartments isolate solid waste from the source.
It is heartening that LED lights have been accepted, not CFL with heavy metal content.
The hollow tile scheme must be promoted as it will ensure the penetration of rain water.
\"Experts also noted that there was a lack of interest in reducing waste and stated that the goal should be to reject, reduce, reuse and recycle.
While it is easy for residents to hand over hard plastic and other recyclable materials to scrap dealers, it is difficult for people to deal with plastic kits discarded by scrap dealers, they said.
\"Suchitwa Mission can build units that convert clean and chopped plastic materials into particles of about Rs 80,000 per ton on the market.
Anand Shyam, an expert in environmental and waste management, said: \"They can build a pyrolysis plant that converts plastics into diesel . \".
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