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field-testing led light bulbs

by:Demo     2020-08-23
10 years ago, most families used incandescent lamps and hardly thought of it.
Regardless of the brand or wattage, the quality and color of the bulb are the same;
The only time most homeowners are concerned about is that one person burns out and needs to be replaced.
There are more lighting options for homeowners today.
They should be familiar with these newer bulbs as incandescent lamps are being phased out as part of the Energy Independence Safety Act of 2007.
Although incandescent lamps have a long history of reliability and low cost, they are very inefficient.
About 90% of the energy they consume is released as heat, and only 10% of the energy is released as light.
Production 100-
Watt bulbs as of last October;
Production 75-
Watt bulbs are scheduled to end at the end of this year to produce the most widely sold incandescent lamps, 40-and 60-
The Watt bulb will be discontinued on 2014.
For most people, the difference between the new bulb is the color and quality it produces, the energy it consumes, and the duration.
The light produced by halogen lamps is very similar to incandescent lamps, and they last about the same time (
If using three hours a day, about 11 months)
But the energy consumption of halogen lamps is 30% lower.
Compact fluorescent bulbs, commonly referred to as CFLs, can produce light in a variety of colors that can be close to incandescent lamps or as bright as during the day.
Compared with incandescent lamps, the energy consumed by CFLs is reduced by about 75% and the duration is about 10 times. -
LEDs light bulbs, commonly known as LEDs, are the latest products in the homelighting arena.
The color selection of the LED Light module emitted by the LED bulb is limited.
In most cases, it is either close to an incandescent lamp (2700K)
Or close to halogen lamps (3000K).
LEDs use roughly the same energy as CFLs, but they will last forever-
On average about 22 years, much longer than most people plan to live where they are installed.
Three other advantages of Led: they can be used with dimmer (
Some CFLs can be used with dimmer but not all)
The LED Light module instantly reaches full (
Many CFLs take 30 seconds to minutes to reach full brightness)
Mercury Free Led (
Each CFL bulb contains only a small amount of this harmful mineral, but in the municipal landfill, in general, many CFL bulbs are a very serious problem).
To understand how the led works in real time, I live-
Tested four kinds of led from three manufacturers in my home (
Manufacturer is GE, Sylvania and Lighting Science).
I tried it at night and studied the quality of light in different applications (
Reading and desk work, lighting in General rooms, spotlight art works).
For me, the winner is a brighter, whiter LEDs in the halogen spectrum (3000K).
On the other hand, my husband prefers softer LEDs in the incandescent range (2700K).
But in all cases, the light of these LEDs is acceptable and far superior to the first generation of CFLs.
I think most homeowners will find the transition to the led quite seamless.
In my home test, these two LEDs are significantly superior to the other LEDs that were manufactured by Sylvania for embedded ceiling clamps (Par 38)
Or rail lights (Par 20).
The decisive difference is that the color rating index (CRI) of both bulbs is unusually high.
CRI numbers represent how the color of an object under a given light is displayed in the human eye.
The color of the Sun is the most authentic, with CRI 100.
The CRI of incandescent and halogen lamps is 100.
The CRI for most LEDs is 80, but these \"HD\" standard Sylvania are the CRI for Sylvania
95 bulbs.
When it is important for objects of the right color, they are ideal --
For example, when you try to prepare a costume for a job or special occasion, or you want to light up a precious piece of art.
Sylvania HD-
However, the price of light bulbs with style is expensive.
Its hd led Par 20 (
For rail lamps)
Spent $33 at my local Lao.
Its average LED 20-bar bulb is $20.
LED Par 38 bulbs (
For embedded ceiling fixtures)was $50;
Its regular LED Par 38 is $40.
The only downside of the led I observed during the test is that the same rated bulb from different manufacturers emit inconsistent light colors.
The color is different.
The difference is small and is acceptable to most people, but I noticed that.
The obvious way to avoid this is to buy the same type of LED bulb from the same manufacturer.
Another reason to get the same LED bulb from the same manufacturer is to avoid expensive errors due to packaging confusion.
The bulbs of different brands seem to be the same because the front says \"60-
Change LED in Watt.
\"But the fine font on the back may indicate important differences.
The \"light appearance\" of one may be 2700 K (
Yellow light)
Another 3000 K (
Brighter and whiter light).
If you take these two different brands home and put them in the lights on both sides of the sofa, the difference will be obvious.
Once the package is torn and cannot be returned, you will not be paid $60
Incandescent lamps of Watts.
Price of LED 60-
In my local Home Depot and Lao\'s Home Depot, Watt\'s alternatives range from $10 to $38.
Catherine salante holds a degree in architecture from Harvard University.
She is a native Washington native who grew up in Fairfield County and now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
If you have questions or column ideas, you can contact her at salanthough watch @ gmail. com or www. Katherinesalant. com.
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