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factbox: key facts, history for video game maker nintendo

by:Demo     2020-09-09
Nintendo, with its best-
Sales of Wii consoles began in 1889 as a Japanese poker maker called Hanafuda.
Thanks to the success of the Wii console, as well as the stability of animated stars such as King Kong and Mario Brothers, Nintendo is now worth $49 billion, locked in a three
Battle with Sony and Microsoft for video games
Here are some key facts about Nintendo\'s transformation into Japan\'s fifth largest company. most-
Valuable listed companies
* 1960 s: Nintendo launched cards with Walt Disney characters in 1959 to help create a new market for Japanese children\'s playing cards.
It started making games and toys in 1963.
* 1970 s: Nintendo developed an image projection system using the 16mm movie projector in 1974 and entered the arcade business.
In 1977, the company developed the first TV Game 15 and TV Game 6 for home video game consoles.
* 1980: Game and Watch portable video game players developed by Nintendo.
It developed and started issuing coins in 1981
Operate video games, King Kong.
The company began selling video game consoles for home computer systems in 1983.
* 1985: Nintendo launches the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the U. S.
Its home computer system and version of Super Mario Brothers video game have become a big hit worldwide.
During the 1980 s, it also launched the popular Legend of Zelda and the Game Boy hand
Game player.
* 1990 s: Nintendo is actively entering the European market. The 16-
Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES)
Nintendo 64, the world\'s first real 64-
Later, the bit home video game system was launched in 1996.
* 1997: The Pokemon TV series was launched in Japan and a movie featuring pop characters was released the following year.
* 2000: Nintendo launched Kirby\'s tilt \'n Tumble for Game Boys, the first video game software with motion sensor technology.
* 2001: The GameCube home console is up.
GameCube accounted for 15% of the previous-
A generation of console market dominated by Sony\'s PlayStation 2.
* 2004: Nintendo launch hands-
Handheld DS with dual screen, touch control, wireless communication and voice recognition technology.
* 2006: Nintendo launched the Wii video console, and its wireless campaign has attracted consumers
Sensitive remote control and simple-to-play games.
The popular Wii Fit product was launched in 2007.
* 2008: Nintendo has launched a DSi that can take photos and play music, hoping to consolidate its lead on Sony\'s PlayStation Portable and compete with Apple\'s iPod and iPhone in new areas.
Almost all of Nintendo\'s revenue comes from electronic entertainment products such as Wii and DS.
Total net sales of the Division 1.
67 trillion yen ($18 billion)
During the year ended March 2008, sales of other products, such as playing cards, were only £ 3. 6 billion yen. (
Yen, year to March 31)
2008 Performance 2009 forecast net sales: 1. 7 trillion 2.
0 trillion Operating profit: 487 billion 630 billion total assets: 1.
Cash and equivalents 8 trillion: 1.
1 trillion employees: 3,768-
Nintendo sold 34.
As of September, sales of 6 million Wii consoles exceeded the 16 PlayStation 3 sold by Sony.
8 million units, Microsoft\'s Xbox 360, sold 22 units. 5 million units
The Xbox 360 was launched in November 2005, a year ahead of Wii and PlayStation 3. —
There are 84 Nintendo DS handheld games.
As of September, Sony sold 3 million PlayStation laptops, far exceeding 44.
Sales of 5 million units in the same period. —
The market value is 4. 5 trillion yen ($49 billion)
Nintendo is the fifth in Japan.
Toyota Motor, NTT DoCoMo, Japan Telegraph and Telephone, and the most valuable listed company after Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.
Source: Reuters; www. nintendo.
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