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dmx512 controlled led light tube -

by:Demo     2020-08-30
I would like to build some futuristic/sci-fi style light towers/pipes for a spaceship bridge I am building.
The lighthouse is to be installed in the front corner of the bridge to help fill the space on both sides of the main screen, which means they need to be 6 feet high.
Also, the lights need to be easy to transport, easy to build, sturdy, and preferably less expensive.
Another additional requirement is that the lights can be controlled through the dmx5 12 interface to provide different colors and flashing modes.
The Dmx5 12 is a common stage lighting control device built into many standard lights for theater and DJ settings.
A simple solution to the light source, as per the DMX requirements, is the venue Thinpar64 10mm LED light Par light.
This low profile DMX smart led par Can is designed for portability and convenience.
It is light weight and very compact and the led provides strong light and good color control.
Also, just after the Christmas Guitar Center sold them for $99 this year.
You can also use different LED Light module sources depending on your needs and budget, but I will be careful to use any non-
As the heat generated can melt the plastic bucket, the LED source.
Once the light source is selected, the next step is to find a way to make a tall circular tower and bring more diffusion effects to the light.
Solution in two 5-
A gallon barrel and a clear light panel.
This is where the real structure starts.
I will tell you how you can build a pair of smooth futuristic look tubes with some tools in an hour or two.
Tools required: hand saw, jigsaw puzzle, round saw, table saw or band saw Wood asp or 80 sandpaper (optional)
Power drill bit or drill press heavy-duty scissors pop-up riveting gun 2 \"hole saw 1/8\" drill bit medium cross screwdriver or screwdriver drill bit felt tip marking tape measure or ruler long straight edge requirements for certain types of materials: Price :(
As of writing time)4 -
$2 5 gallon78 ea 1 -2\' (24\")
$2 long 1x4 pine board. 56 ea 3 -
24 \"x 48\" ice-breaking white panel $9. 76 ea 50 -
1/8 \"X 1/8\" rivets $4. 48 per 100 16 -
$5 3/4 drywall screws. 58 per 75 2 -
10\' l x 3/4 \"W black rubber foam weather zone $3.
98 eaAs you can see from the list of materials that everything in the tower, except the light source, is available from your local Lowes.
You can also find the same or similar material at Home Depot or at the local hardware/building supply store.
You can use five of any criteria (5)
The gallon barrel or light panel for your easily customized project.
The only requirement is that they are the same size as I listed.
The total cost of the material, including the lamp, is less than $275, so the price is not too bad.
If you already have a light source on hand, you can build the tube for less than $75. Step I.
Wood processing 1.
Use some type of saw to cut 16 1 \"wide X 2\" strips from 1X4. 2.
Clean the edges with rasp or sandpaper (optional)Step II.
Barrel preparation 1.
Remove the handle from each barrel. 2.
Use a power drill bit and a 2 \"hole saw to drill a hole near the bottom on the side of the two buckets.
These are your barrels now. 3.
Use a tape measure to mark four lines 1 down from the top of each barrel.
Separate the line 90 degrees around the bucket. (See picture)4.
Use the 3/4 drywall screw to align the 1 \"x 2\" wooden strip with each mark on the barrel.
The 2 \"side of the strip should run flat on the barrel wall. 5.
Run the weather stripping of adhesive support on top of each barrel.
Weather stripping should be placed at the top of the wood stand. Step III.
Group preparation 1.
Remove the label from the panel.
This is much easier when the panel becomes normal. 2.
Cut one of the panels into two equal corners (~12\" wide)
Use heavy scissors. 3.
Take half of it-
Panel, and mark a 3/4 line from each long edge of the panel.
Take the second one in half-
The panel and mark a 3/4 line from each long edge of the fourth step of the panel. Tube Creation1.
Half overlap-
Panels and use lines as one of the complete panels of the guide.
Fix the panel in place using clamp. 2.
Using drill bits and 1/8 \"drill bits, drill a hole 4 from the top edge of the panel centered on the overlapping area of the panel \".
Use the pop-up riveting gun to place a 1/8 \"X 1/8\" pop-up rivet in the hole.
Repeat this step every 4 \"along the overlapping area of the panel. 3.
Remove the clamp and place 3/4 \"pop rivets from the top and bottom edges of the panel centered in the overlapping area. 4.
Scroll the panel into a circle using a short rope (tube)
Edges overlap with the amount shown by the remaining rows on halfpanel.
Fix the bungie cord in place and use the clamp to secure the top in place. 5.
Follow the steps in steps 2 and 3 to place pop rivets at the overlap of the panel and fix the tube to a circle. 6.
Repeat steps 1 to 5 using the second full panel and half panelpanel. Step V.
The assembly of this part is simple. 1.
Put the bottom bucket on the floor. 2.
Place the light source in the bottom bucket and pull the power cord and control line out of the holes you drill. 3.
Take out a finished tube and insert it into the top of the barrel so that it can rest during the weather stripping.
In order to obtain a good fit, it may be necessary to trim the thickness of the weather stripping.
What you want is personal. 4.
Pour the bucket at the top and place it on the top of the tube so that the wooden holder can be placed on the edge of the tube and the edge of the tube can be inserted into the weather stripping.
Again, you may need to trim the weather to peel off in order to get a comfortable figure. 5.
Repeat the steps for the second set of parts. Step VI.
Use your pylonsPlug in the power cord.
Connect the DMX control line and enjoy the flashing light tube.
You can use them to strengthen your room, apartment, party, even like I set up your spaceship.
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