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diy upcycled light fixture bases

by:Demo     2020-08-13
One of the most decorative and practical items for the home is lighting, especially decorative lighting such as table or floor lamp and suspension.
Although the standard urn base with circular shadows on the top is always easy --
There are a lot of other different ways of lighting up your space in style.
Most importantly, there are many creative DIY options in terms of not destroying the tone and base of the bank.
Almost anything that is strong and can be drilled can be turned into a lamp holder.
Although it is not a good idea to drill into priceless antiques, when they are converted into beautiful lights, there are many old things that are given new life.
Galvanized milk jug: back in his 60 s, my dad had a pair of old fashioned galvanized steel milk jug that turned into a lamp holder covered with a barrel shadow of burlap cloth.
These lights are often used in family homes for nearly 30 years and have never been out of date.
At present, with the popularity of retro and high-end goods, there is still a demand for lamps and lanterns.
Metal Basket: in 2010, the HGTV Green Home in Plymouth, Massachusetts presented a quirky chandelier at the table, made of an inverted metal basket hanging on the chain.
That particular thing was found in Houston.
A shopping mall that sells unusual lamps and lanterns repaired by a Houston electrician, as well as household items for high-end repairs)
, This is definitely a simple project to find any basket of similar shapes in any home improvement store with a LED Light module kit inside.
Antlers, true or false: We have recently seen a lot of antlers chandeliers in the home design community, but as long as a small number of shelves stand upright, there is no reason why they cannot become a unique desk lamp base.
Old book: look for a unique desk lamp for the library or inspire your child to learn?
How can I create a lamp holder from a bunch of vintage or outdated books drilled through the center?
Stick the book together and run the lighting kit in the middle and top with decorative shadows.
Similarly, the old silver or porcelain teapot can be made into a sweet little table lamp, a pair of high and large leather boots, and can be made into several fashionable table lamps.
Metal: in addition to the inverted metal basket as described above, almost anything that is not affected by the heat of the bulb can produce a chandelier.
Wrap a wire rack with wool yarn as a comfortable fixture, or hang a brightly colored metal spoon in the kitchen to make the countryside casual.
Luxury Box: If your teenage child is obsessed with shopping, stack it up with Tiffany or Hermes boxes of all sizes and run a light sleeve in the middle to make a colored LED Light module
For lighter-weight objects, such as boxes, it may be necessary to attach them to a solid wooden base, or you can simply fill the box at the bottom with sand or stone to increase the weight.
No matter where your interests are, there must be a light that suits your style.
If connecting a lighting kit or drilling into an object found seems a bit out of your reach, a local lighting store should be able to point you in the direction of a handyman who can help you.
This is what Linda Merrill wrote for Networx. com.
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