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diy aquarium led light

by:Demo     2020-08-28
In this episode I made an Aquarium LED LED Light module using an LED RGB strip.
You can follow this simple how to make LED aquarium lights.
My old aquarium LED Light module is a shabby piece of foam with some LED strips attached to it.
It\'s time to upgrade.
I use this UPVC windowsill as the main body of the lamp.
I cut it first to a certain length and grind it to a square shape.
I will cut a groove on the UPVC.
I then cut some grooves on one side so I can bend it and have a second edge.
I loosened the workpiece a few days later and noticed that the bending was not enough.
II will contact the edge tape of the gap where the cement is located.
I have some body filler prepared and some people may know this is Bondo.
I fill this gap with as many body fillers as possible.
I then clamp the workpiece again and finish it with body filler.
I started bending new edges as much as possible.
I make adhesive with some contact glue.
I stuck it with a wooden head a few days later and now the workpiece is solid and the edges will stay the same.
I clean the surface with acetone and prepare some aluminum tape.
I cut the aluminum tape into size.
It will be used as the surface where the LED strip will stick.
As aluminum, it will have a better radiator than a separate UPVC sheet.
I stick the aluminum tape down and flatten it as much as possible.
I then cut the LED strip into length.
I added some double sided tape to the strap I needed.
I tested the current drawing of the bar to find out how many I can install on the light.
I can use 10. .
I glued the LED strips to the aluminum surface and separated them evenly.
With the strap in place, it\'s time to remove the silicone on the edge of the contact with a hobby knife.
I then solder the contact point.
After that, I welded the wires to all the bars.
With the welded wire, I test the LED light strip to see if it works.
Then I stuck some wires hot.
Transparent silicone is used to permanently stick the tape to the board and to protect the wire from water.
I am using the RGB LED controller with remote control.
I took it off the shell and stuck it in place.
The controller is connected to the White LED stripe for the last check of the RGB strip and the LED.
I had a problem with the red LEDs, but this was fixed at some point in the future.
Finally, LED aquarium lights are installed at the top of the aquarium.
I really like the bright LED Light module it makes.
It only uses a little more than 30 watts of electricity.
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