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did you miss the crazy sale that dropped white led light bulbs to $1 each? it’s back.

by:Demo     2020-08-31
CC: Today is the last day you buy LED bulbs!
Let\'s bring you up.
Amazon held a game.
Sales fell 24 last week-
The 19 white LED bulbs for Sylvania home lighting cost only $24.
08, the price of a LED Light module bulb is $1.
Yes, $1 per bulb at the top.
Rated LED bulbs from one of the biggest brands in the industry!
The sale lasted more than a day and finally ended earlier this week, but now it\'s back!
When the bulbs are so cheap, be sure to catch them --
It\'s also worth noting that you can get a bright white Sylvania LED bulb for $1 instead of a soft white one. 54 each.
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